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A PSA about Feral Druid DPS and Manual Crowd Pummeler

Content of the article: "A PSA about Feral Druid DPS and Manual Crowd Pummeler"

It seems to me like it's a widespread assumption of the user base of this subreddit that you HAVE to farm MCP to justify playing as a feral dps, and that your dps is going to suck without it. I recently wrote a comment about this, but I thought I'd put it in its own thread to hopefully spread awareness about exactly how much feral DPS benefits from the dreaded Gnomeregan weapon, so here it is (slightly edited):

In full P5 BIS gear, with full consumes, full world buffs (no DMF) and in a 30 second fight, an MCP with an Iron Counterweight sims 11% higher than the next best alternative present in the game atm (Blessed Qiraji Warhammer with 15 agi and Tome of Knowledge). Without world buffs it sims 9% higher. The less buffs you have, consumables you use, worse your gear is and longer the fight goes, the smaller the difference is gonna be. I'm not trying to downplay the difference it makes, I'm just saying depending on your guild's and your own expectations of yourself you may not have to feel like you HAVE to farm them. If you're in a guild that raids with moonkins or ret paladins, for example, I don't think there'd be any reason for it. If you're in the kind of guild that doesn't take itself too seriously and does like 1-1h30m BWL clears and 2-3h AQ40 clears you'd probably be able to get away with it too, but you can also just tell your GM/Officers about the difference it makes and how much you hate farming them and see if they're ok with you not bringing them.

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For those of you who don't know, one of the people that really figured out the power of powershifting and how good feral druids can be (at least compared to what the perception of them was before) was a guy who did so on private servers called Shedo. The reason I'm bringing him up is that he made a DPS simulating spreadsheet for feral druid, that has since been kept up to date by some other smart people in the Classic druid discord. Here's a link to it if you wanna check it out or follow along with me.

Here's the buff and talent settings I'm using. They're basically optimal except for no DMF and no Dragonsbreath Chili (it only adds 6 dps on its own, and while you can increase that by using spell power elixirs, anyone who's minmaxing to that extent will be farming MCPs anyway) (Also, being Horde is a DPS loss, even when compared to Alliance without WCB. Kings OP).

Here you can see the gear that's being used for the baseline calculation, which is the current phase 5 BiS along with MCP, and the average DPS you can expect to get out of it in a 30 second fight against a boss with standard raid debuffs (Curse of Recklessness, Faerie Fire and Sunder Armor) on the right.

And Here's the same thing, except MCP has been replaced with Blessed Qiraji Warhammer with +15 agility enchantment and a Tome of Knowledge. The dps loss is 11.23%.

Here's MCP again, but this time with no world buffs.

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And here's BQWH and Tome with no world buffs. The dps loss is 8.84%.

Thanks for reading.


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