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About a potential new leader for the Forsaken.

Look, I'll be sincere: Calia Menethil is cool, but she is not one of the Forsaken. The last royal ruler of Lordaeron probably, which is a fine claim for the leadership, but she hasn't struggled like a Forsaken. She didn't face their woes. She didn't see the Dark Lady spearhead their plight against the Scourge and other foes and then abandon their people.

In my opinion, the Forsaken' leader should be someone who was there to see all that has happened. To get the context. I shouldn't be a simple undead – they need a Forsaken as a leader. It isn't Derek, for he's a Kul Tiran. It isn't Voss, because she's barely fit for leadership roles. It isn't Calia, because she's just a citzen of Lordaeron, but not a Forsaken.

But fear not, for the better choice exists.

Helcular of the Rod is a true Forsaken, a necromancer sided with the Horde and who will fight for his land. He commanded the defenses of Hillsbrad Foothills when none else would, he shadowbolted Legion Commanders in their ugly mugs.

He was there when Lordaeron was a Human Kingdom. He faced the prejudice against any who would dabble in the necromantic arts, be it Forsaken or simple Necromancers like him. He pushed against Southshore's violence towards the Mill and joined the Forsaken. And even with the two factions' war, he was there to be the voice of unity against the Burning Crusade.

He is Forsaken, he is a citzen of Lordaeron, he is undead, he wields the rod.

Seriously now: any other relevant Forsaken is better than Calia appearing from nowhere and becoming their leader. The player Forsaken won't associate well with her. There's no link.

Make an actual Forsaken the leader of the Forsaken, make Calia a relevant advisor and place Voss as an envoy.


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