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About the hyjal project that was mentioned not long ago: a little more details after a very biased thread

So, I read falathrin's thread last time, about "The Hyjal Project: the next big Vanilla FRESH from Nostalrius/Light's Hope former staff" (this one: )

Usually, when a guy, out of nowhere, starts saying something like that about a project, it means you have to be careful…so, I kinda tried to look around, try to understand what this thing was all about, you never know. First thing, apparently, is that Falathrin's not a team member of that "hyjal project", he's just a super big fan boy of it because he hopes tons of people will go there…not that I don't understand with the state of private servers, but honestly, and I only speak for myself, I thought that his thread was very cringe, and really counter-productive (and his entire reddit history is about posting on tons of subreddits about it) but whatever… So about the project, it's very simple:

Basically whitekidney wanted to launch a fresh server with light's hope, on the discord server, using the playerbase there, the staff yada yada yada…BUT Staden from LH and other people didn't want to because they promised that, as long as classic servers would be out, they wouldn't launch another one (that's a promise they made a long time ago, I'm sure you guys remember).

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Essentially, the new project has people like Irenicus, whitekidney, pottu too, and some other people from lh/nost in it, but just a part of the original. As for the core they'll be using, it'll mostly be Vmangos plus fixes (to be faire though, don't read this wrong: vmangos nowadays is actually more than decent for vanilla, so it shouldn't make any real difference). They already have a discord online with several thousand people, which isn't half bad I guess for something they haven't communicated about yet.

So, bottomline is: no, it's a scam or anything, BUT I really have no idea how much traction this thing will have, in an era where classic wow is out, where classic tbc is coming, and where fresh classic vanilla servers could very well be on their way as well. I don't think it's going to have nearly as much people on it as northdale had (very, VERY far from it actually), I don't know what it's gonna look like, how they're gonna do it yada yada yada. I don't think any vanilla project on pservers has been successful the last few years, since northdale closed, and although there's no way to know if this thing will actually be a success or not right now…let's just say I'm really managing my expectations: I think the playerbase is very scarce nowadays on this scene, I'm not sure where the players would come from, but maybe I'm wrong.

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Anyways: hyjal is basically a relaunch of light's hope (which is a dead project now) BUT without the approval of several members, which means that they need to start everything from scratch, and that tons of things are not clear about it.

I have no dog in this fight: we'll see what happens. Just wanted to give people a heads-up. I'm not even sure when they'll make an update or not.


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