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AITA? PreBiS Drama

Content of the article: "AITA? PreBiS Drama"

I'm a 59 dps war. I'm in a guild that wants to be more hardcore but we don't have enough raiders. I have been considering joining them (used to MT & dps BC, healed LK).

My guild has some issues. There's very little communication between raiders (read: officers, almost all of them), and non-raiders. The non-raiders are the vast majority. We keep seeing motd saying GET YOUR PREBIS ALREADY. I don't see any officers making groups for it. Some attempts are made, but there's no planning or communication until the night of, and they're disappointed that nobody is on.

A fresh 60 has been hardcore gearing up, and he's been motivating a lot of us to start getting our prebis (note: not an officer, hasn't raided yet in classic). He's cool, he asked me what's the first thing I needed and I said princess ring.

We get a grp going, smoothy run princess for a few hours. The ring dropped once that night, and the tank won it. All good. Im happy for him, he's a cool dude. We all agree to continue the next day.

I log in next day, most of us are here, and we get a grp going again. This time, an officer is in the group, and he needs the ring. Cool.

We do one run, and the ring drops. We both roll, I win it. This dude loses his shit. Starts trashing on me like I'm a fucking shit stain on the earth. He said he called the ring, how dare a lowbie ninja it from him. He's top DPS in the guild, do I fucking know who he is?! That kind of talk.

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After a pause in his tantrum, I let him know that we're all gearing together, nobody left the grp, let's just keep going so everyone gets what they need. He says he ran this 20 times and he's going to fucking quit. I just kinda wait till he calms down enough to play the game.

Okay fine, whatever.

So…. the problem is, this guy starts berating the guild for not signing up for raids. The GM tells peeps to go on discord. So i go on discord. I enter to the sound of this guy shitting on me like I'mm the biggest idiot in the world. He saw me log in mid-rant and laughed and said oh shit. He acts a little calmer but acts like he has no idea who I am and i'm probably just a new idiot that cant read. The GM did nothing to regulate him.

I'd also like to note that I did more dps than him during the runs. I'm 59 & almost full greens, only trinkets prebis. He also kinda blowed at tanking and needed a lot of direction.

During that discord he was promoted to officer. The GM took a very long time to ask me any questions. Basically what spec do i wanna be in raids. He just said cool, we need more dps wars.

I havent logged in since then because I've never had a raiding guild that handles that situation that way. Not sure if i shoud gquit. Thoughts?


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