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Almost 34 days after phase 5 launched, Blizzard is yet to activate the auto complete function they promised, leaving many servers unable to enter AQ.

Content of the article: "Almost 34 days after phase 5 launched, Blizzard is yet to activate the auto complete function they promised, leaving many servers unable to enter AQ."

Many small servers, such as felstriker, were hoping for the autocomplete as happened in vanilla, and as was confirmed by Blizzard, "The initial War Effort requires a great deal of supplies to be turned in by your faction on your realm. If this is not complete 30 days after the content is unlocked, small amounts of supplies will begin turning in automatically, as they did in the version 1.12 of original WoW." to finish off the war effort turn ins and get us into AQ.


It is now almost 34 days since phase 5, well gone the 30 days that Blizzard confirmed in their original post and there has not yet been any autocomplete to speak of. We're submitting tickets and trying to get this issue fixed as it looks like Blizzard literally just forgot to turn it on, and we'd appreciate any help you guys can in getting this issue to Blizzard. As this problem tends to only affect the smallest servers we're unable to flood the forums or reddit with posts and get our voice out there (like you saw with Arugal queues) so we're relying on everyone else to get this problem to blizzard and hoping for results.


Before you call us all lazy and tell us just to farm the materials, please consider that some servers such as felstriker have raiding populations of less than 9 guilds, less than 400 people. with just one guild hordeside, and have still managed to get to 80% total war effort completion. We're hoping for a bit of help to get us over the line not for the whole thing to be handed to us on a silver platter (as was the case in vanilla and as was promised by blizzard).

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EDIT: For clarity, we know the gates won't completely autocomplete after the 30 days, but we've been watching certain mats and purposefully holding them back and have seen 0 increase in the last few days (not a single extra handin).


EDIT2: There's a lot of people in the comments here telling us to just stop being lazy and farm the mats. If you think this you're clearly not understanding how small these servers are, how much effort goes into farming some of the materials in the list (which we've farmed the majority of to completition) or how much effort we've already put in comparative to other servers. There are around 3.9 million materials that need to be farmed not the 1 million number people keep throwing around for some reason. Keep in mind how our server of 400 has done comparative to other oceanic servers:


If Felstriker had kept the pace we had before we stopped expecting auto complete to kick in when blizzard said it would and finish it off, we'd be done in ~6 weeks with ~400 raiders. Arugal took ~2 weeks to complete the war effort with over 8k raiders (3x faster, 20x more people) Yojamba took ~3 weeks to complete the war effort with over 7k raiders (2x faster, 20x more people) Remulos took ~4 weeks to complete teh war effort with over 3k raiders (1.5x faster, 10x more people)


We're not lazy, we just want to know if we have to spend the next three weeks farming all day every day or if blizzard will actually follow through with what they promised. It's also just frustrating because we planned a lot around this happening when blizzard said it would, easing up on farming and focusing on the lowest quantity of mats and aiming it so we could bulk hand in firebloom which we held back and open the gates at 9am ST on Saturday so we could all experience the full war event. If we had've just ignored blizzard we'd be in a much better spot not, tbh seems obvious in retrospect that blizzard would mess it up.

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