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And people wonder why new tanks are put off in M+

Content of the article: "And people wonder why new tanks are put off in M+"

I just finished a run of Junkyard +16 with a couple of friends, pugging the last couple of spots. I never normally have any issues in M+, I'm certainly not a great player but I wouldn't say I was dreadful either. I put a lot of time into planning out my routes and making the group fully aware of the route with the dungeon tools addon.

In this particular run I had a hunter who thought he was the absolute bees knees. Before the run, he had nothing to say about the route, the group composition or any particular issues. 5 minutes into the run it begins:

"not that way wtf" "kill this pack" "tank here"

I'm pretty good at ignoring players like this usually (if you want to do a different route that's cool, but let's chat about it before the run starts). He had particular issue when we pulled some of the patrolling panthers near the last boss area and died. In retrospect I probably would make people aware to avoid that area in future, but if someone pulls them, it's all good – let's just crack on with it.

The joy came at the end of the run when he realised the ring he wanted dropped for me. At this point I was pretty happy to give it to the other pug member who asked nicely, didn't complain and seemed like a better person. That was when the Hunter unleashed his little tarade before quickly alt+f4'ing.

If anyone's reading this worried about going into M+ – don't stress about players like this. They're few and far between, and show their true colours soon enough. Considering I'm the worst tank he's ever seen, he was soon applying for the next key we were running. Everyone says it, but find players who you enjoy playing with, add them to friends and run with them again.

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TL;DR: Guy was an asshat for the entire run of a M+ dungeon, pretended to be nice when some loot dropped then quickly became an ass again. People are fickle; learn to develop a thick skin.


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