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Another false positive ban appeal. Posting for some visibility.

Content of the article: "Another false positive ban appeal. Posting for some visibility."

Hello Reddit. Yes, it is another one of these threads. Saw others have some success here and thought I would post for some more visibility.

Let me preface this by saying I've traveled extensively during my life and even lived in other countries. However, in all my travels, all my experiences, this is the single worst customer service I have ever or probably will ever experience.

I am like any other player in the current meta. I do GDKP runs to get some juicy payouts. I do a bit of world pvp on my infamous level 29 twink druid, so I am sure the enemy faction hates me and may have reported me more than once. I have multiple raid geared level 60's. I even have a Swift Zulian Tiger mount. I'm also one of the only enchanters on my faction with the coveted +4 stats to chest enchant, a licence to print gold. I have no incentive to cheat/bot and plenty of reason not to. My account means a lot to me and I put a lot of work into it.

Long story short I was trying to get to r14 before AQ hit. Spent a lot of time in AV over the AV weekend. In a premade, tanking Drek, killing horde, using consumables etc. Did an exhausting 18-hour session trying to make the 1.3 million honour cap for the week, was in a group of 5. In a premade almost all the weekend. Between queues I was riding up into the Alterac Mountains and killing some level 39 orc hunter’s pet. I must have killed it 7 times before he finished his quest. Distinctly un-bot like behaviour. Had a 5-hour nap while the queues were slow. Woke up and my account was closed. That was over a week ago now.

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Originally, I got my account closed for "Offense: Exploitative Activity: Unauthorized Cheat Programs (Hacks)" just like everyone else’s. I wasn't using cheat programs. I don't even know how to.

After I appealed it was changed to a 6-month suspension for "Violation: Cheating Your fellow players reported you for cheating. This includes actions like botting and exploiting game mechanics." I got the same, I mean exact same copy/paste responses I've seen in so many of the other threads.

After some reading here and seeing everyone else’s experiences I decided to put in more tickets until I got a real human. I did get one eventually (pic related). That GM explained to me that my account ban was reviewed and "it has been ecceptionally reduced to a 6 months suspension" and then he would "not be bale to add any more comments to that email" linking me to an incredibly vague code of conduct link. Now no offense to that GM intended but if you can't proofread your own email, I don't exactly have confidence in you that you reviewed my account as I requested. If you had, you would have clearly seen I was not cheating/botting and was actively playing the game.

After one more ticket I got a warning for "Offense: Violation of Customer Support Interaction Policy" and told if I opened any more appeals, I could have my account terminated. So, I stopped appealing. I have not given up hope however.

One of the other guys in my premade got banned too and he has been unbanned after a week of appeals. Another guy from my PVP discord got his account closed and gave up after two appeals. He's moved on and isn't going to play the game anymore. RIP Azumar. Incredibly inconsistent results for 3 people wrongfully banned at the same time for who even knows why.

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Did I play the game too much? Yes. Did I get gold I earned traded to me in GDKP runs? Yes. Was I a jerk to the enemy faction on a PVP server? Absolutely. Was I cheating/botting or using any 3rd party automation software? No, I was not. Any kind of open dialogue with a GM would have cleared that up easily. But every time my tickets were closed with no discussion or indication of what I supposedly did wrong. And if i did do anything wrong (i don't think I did) then I received no warning. An account closure or 6-month suspension is excessive to say the least.

Well thank you for reading my story. Now by the time my suspension ends classic will be nearly over. It is pretty soul-crushing to lose 9 months of work and not be able to continue ranking or access AQ/Naxx. I was really looking forward to that. Hopefully, someone sees this post and I get some results like others here have. I just want to go back to playing the game and getting ready for AQ40.

My Character name was Landica-Yojamba.

Message from Blizzard


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