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Another LFR N’zoth story

I've generally stayed away from LFR N'zoth.

I clear it on heroic on most of my toons, even opting to help some guildies reclear it for AOTC. But today was different. Most of my friends were offline, and I was gearing a prot pally.

Now, I am a tank. Through and through, I main BM, play prot warrior as an offspec, bear is decent but I didn't gear it this xpac and vengeance has been an afterthought for me. Prot pally has been fun.

Okay, so I saw a story about LFR N'zoth and how it can take hours of deaths and you could STILL not down it. I thought to myself "it can't be that bad… Right?" Well I was right.

To be quite frank, I am a raid lead as well, so maybe I am bias. I jump into queue, and pop into an 8 stack determination group. Oh god, I think to myself, this could go one way or the other, either I'm dealing with complete buffoons who won't listen, or I'm just dealing with good players who are ignorant to the mechanics, which is a super easy fix.

I jump in, and I see that the other tank is also new to this group. The people in the group are asking if we know the fight. We say yes, and I promptly ask them the same back. About 5-6 people say they have never seen the fight before, but some have watched some videos. Great. I place some markers and begin explaining the fight.

People are listening, learning. So when I get done explaining most of the fight, I say that I'll be giving instruction as the fight goes on. I get everyone stacked on the marker with me, then we start the fight.

The fight goes so smoothly. I don't think my guild is even that smooth at killing N'zoth. I'm not dealing with bad players here, just ones who haven't been given the chance to show their true skill.

Two people died during the fight, due to mechanics both go insane, which I /rw KILL YOUR FRIENDS THEY WENT INSANE, and the whole raid swapped to them. We brez them and continue killing.

That's it, I don't really have anything else, I just wanted to share a story. People should be more understanding, and willing to help. You never know who might be a really good player in the disguise of bad gear.

Ignorance is the lack of knowledge, which can be remedied by teaching. Stupidity is the acquisition of knowledge and choosing to ignore it.

Anyone else have a story about LFR N'zoth? Or N'zoth in any level? I'd love to read them.


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