World of Warcraft (WoW)

As a DH main, few things make you feel good about yourself.

I learned a lot during BFA. I went from a casual noob who only did normal raiding/LFR over the past 13 years to a player with rated pvp titles, a high IO score, I can get invited to pug raids/key groups easily instead of having to sit for hours and pray someone let's me in a group(this took a shitload of work leveling my own keys and starting my own pug raids, researching class stuff and how to be a better player in the beginning, to be fair, no one helped me or did me any favors along the way). My whole experience in how I get to enjoy the game has changed for the better during BFA, and even then knowing you're maining a DH kind of takes some of the joy away because deep down you know you're basically getting to play the game with a handicap.

But a year+ ago I started a journey. I started running BT every week, and 3 weeks ago I got my 2nd warglaive to complete the set. This morning I had to form 2 different groups out of LFG to complete the raid(my anxiety was going crazy when the first group broke because a tank decided he had to leave 30 minutes into what was a flawless raid up to that point), but I finally did it, and I'm pretty pumped to get to use this xmog.

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But as much as I've accomplished that I never thought I was good enough to achieve in this game during BFA, getting this xmog might be my favorite feat of strength so far. Lol It's funny how small things matter to you so much sometimes in this game.

Anyway, I don't know anyone who plays WoW to share the joy with, so posting here. I hope everyone going for theirs this week is as blessed as I was, or will be when you get around to it.


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