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As a new player, I found the concept of the Lightforged Draenai to be a bit of a bummer from a Lore Perspective (Opinion)

Hello all, I'm new, literally just a couple of weeks. I've dabbled in WoW before but this is the first time I have my own money and decided to really put time and effort into the game. I'm enjoying it so far.

I've been unlocking the Allied Races, worked hard to unlock Kul Tirans, got the Dark Iron Dwarves along the way, and used my Kul Tiran druid to unlock the Void Elves and the Lightforged Draenai (Also got the highmountain tauren along the way, which was kinda funny.)

I found the Lightforged Draenai to be a bit of a bummer in comparison to the other races. They make normal Draenai seem like a strictly inferior race. Allow me to elaborate.

Kul Tiran Humans are not "Better" Humans, they're humans who grew up in a different, seafaring environment.

Void Elves are not "Better" Night Elves, in no small part because they are not Night Elves, but they're also not "Better" Blood Elves, because my impression was they were simply looking for a different source for their magic, using the Void instead of Fel energy.

The Dark Iron Dwarves, like the Kul Tiran Humans, are just Dwarves from a different environment.

I will withhold with the Mechagnomes as I do not have them, but the Highmountain Tauren have the same vibe — they're not "Better" Tauren, they're Tauren from a different environment.

Read more:  If lategame rep grind was as fast as it is with the current buff, I’d actually probably make it a point to play more and grind more reps rather than stopping my subscription for 6 months of the year. The problem with grind isn’t that it’s slow, it’s that it’s MISERABLY slow.

The Lightforged Draenai, though… They're not Draenai who grew up in a different world, a different environment from our Draenai. They were not born in a different way to become Lightforged. They are normal Draenai who passed an elite test and then became Lightforged. To me, from a lore perspective, the Lightforged Draenai are just a "Strictly Better" Draenai, the elite Draenai who were able to pass a gruesome test to become even stronger with the light, at seemingly no expense.

Any others feel this way? Am I viewing it wrong? I would love to be corrected if there is something I am missing.

Also, love and praise for my boy T'Paartos. 🙂


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