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Attempt at giving a proper feedback to the devs: a list of what seems to be post nerf instead of prenerf inside the Karazhan raid so far

Hi fellas, so as you probably noticed, there seems to be quite a controversy when it comes to the current state of Karazhan in the beta. I don't think it would be very useful to go on a rant about how karazhan is very badly tuned instead of trying to help out and actually bring proper proof of what is and what is not accurate. I agree that it's quite ok for karazhan not to be difficult, but that it's also not a good thing at all to see it in a post-nerf taste when the goal was pre-nerf…which also means that IF something is actually prenerf in the current karazhan, then we also have to accept it as it is, and not whine about how easy it is. The goal is not to make it harder than it originally was, but to make it just like it was originally, no matter how easy or hard some encounters/trash/mechanics are.

SO, let's make a proper list, shall we? Please try to help me out. Some of these have proper sources, which will obviously make them more accurate than other claims, so take that into account as well obviously.

I'll try to add your observations to the list if the sources are there (or if enough people seem to agree with your claims), and we might just be able to get some proper stuff for the devs.

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It's obviously just a start, so I'm counting on you to help out. And just to make it clear, those are other people's quotes, not mine ;-).



-“Some obvious indicators are how the Skeletal Ushers are tuned, lots of low damage values, missing mechanics (e.g. Shade's Dragon's Breath), and the fact that bosses are dropping Badge of Justice.”


-“Some of the boss nerfs were not even included in the patch notes to begin with back then: Part of the issue is that many of the nerfs were not properly documented. For example, many of the nightbane nerfs were not documented and the only reliable reference to them is a random note on wowwiki mentioning it. People won't even realize there's an issue because they can't easily find the nerfs mentioned in official path notes. for people who experienced kael thas on the bleeding edge will vividly recall that he got quite a few changes including the significant nerf to hp that opened the flood gates to guilds that were hard stuck suddenly all killing him very quickly within hours/days of eachother and yet there is no mention what so ever in patch notes about these nerfs/changes. “

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–Twitch clip feedback of the guild Master of the guild who killed Ragnaros World first in classic vanilla: According to him, it's "very, very undertuned. Karazhan was always easy, but I know that certain things were wrong."


-“Went in with a pug, several have never seen the place. Less than ideal comp. We one shot every boss up to netherspite, something was off with the beams. For instance a gnome couldn’t get in them. It’s under tuned for sure. The trash is harder than the bosses.”


-“it confirmed post nerfs, 2.4.3. Aran didnt have dragons breath and!default=strat Curator is supposed to have 1 million hp and a shield, he was bugged and had 3 sparks and like 700 k hp, no shield”


-“Rain of bones in 2007 vs Rain of bones in classic tbc beta:


-“This is absolutely not prenerf content. A very good indicator of this are the Skeletal Ushers. Back in ye olden days, they were immune to all stuns and CC, not tauntable, dropped threat on their Ice Tomb target, and hit like trains. Most/none of this is true in current Beta Karazhan.”


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