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Ban Petition: Mass reporting of non-offensive name followed by weak appeal response by maybe a real game master

Content of the article: "Ban Petition: Mass reporting of non-offensive name followed by weak appeal response by maybe a real game master"

I've included both the original ban email and the follow up reply from a Game Master to my appeal of the ban.

Server: Westfall

I have been a user of since 2000 when I started playing Diablo II. I played Retail WoW from 2005-2015 and started playing again since Classic launch. I have never so much received a warning against my account until this Tuesday when an alt was mass reported and automatically banned my account. The name of this toon was "covidonenine" and has never interacted with any toon besides people in my guild who know the toon is mine. The only function of the toon is to sit on Yojamba Island and scout out rogue ZG heart drops for world buffs. I reviewed the In-Game code of conduct and determined in my opinion that the name does not violate Blizzard's In-Game Code of Conduct whatsoever, as there are multiple players on our server that have character names that are several magnitudes more inappropriate than my ZG island alt, and it's far less offensive or inappropriate than the chatter concerning Covid-19 that regularly happens in global and city channels on the server. I have also searched this reddit for similar bans and in every single one the player was given the chance to re-name the toon or pet before a ban was given out.

My appeal was reviewed by a game master almost 24 hours after the automated ban was handed out and was upheld on the basis that it violated the code of conduct and their policies are in place to ensure every player is able to enjoy their time in their games. I believe this to be inconsistent punishment based on similar cases and personally feel this ban was an extreme overreaction. I raid with characters in two different raiding guilds, and I am missing every single raid night this week on both toons because of random bystander reports of a toon who wasn't even interacting with them. There are also multiple cases I found within this reddit and talking to other players where they used the mass reporting name system to be able to change their in game name and were not banned since it was their only way to change a character name.

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This may seem like a frivolous complaint but I believe this was a frivolous ban, and hopefully gets some visibility and becomes an example to fix the automated ban system and force blizzard to increase actual game master interactions with players before bans are handed out instead of warnings or other actions. The In-Game code of conduct should also probably be re-worked to be less ambiguous if a name like covidonenine is actionable and a name like seamanliquor is deemed appropriate or nonactionable.


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