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Banned after 15 years for no reason

Ok so lets start by the fact , yes i know many people bot , hack , buy gold and other stuff .

I did nothing of that kind , i am playing since 15 years wow , d3 ,sc2 , overwatch , heros of the storm ( yes even that pile of crap ) probably spend 5k+ on my bnet account on skins , games , race changes and server changes

Back in p2 release i did make r14 , and yes without botting it was the worse thing i ever had to do i regret it and would never do it again. Actually if you ask or look at my history i am not someone talking about my r14 , its not something i am proud of but it was needed since i am tank and well it was pretty OP and with the covid19 in France we had a full lock down anyway .

Back in p5 i did do scarab lord 2 times , yes we managed to get 2 mounts for the guild , and yet again no we did not bot or anything … lucky for us it was a PVE server where thing where pretty chill and we had enough time .

Why is all this important? cause well on the way to r14 and scarab lord you can imagine that you don't only make great friends but some people in Silithus took the war pretty seriously .

We are a small guild about 45 member since BWL most of us are together since BWL we do most stuff guild intern and don't do much with other guilds anyway we have naxx clear since week 2 or 3 i dont even remember and i don't think any of us really care we are not speedrunning or a log parsing guild we enjoy the raid and as long as we clear and have fun all is good .

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We so now to the spicy part , 4 days ago i was at a songflower with 3 guild mates that was corrupted , anyway we cleansed it an used it , an other guild was just arriving and was really pissed and started trashtalking us , as allways we don't really care about other guilds and i used my HS and logged out .

The next day when i try to log in is says account banned , well ok i go check my email .

"account banned for Cheating/botting"

Well holy shit , no i never used any bots , i never botted or used hacks like wowmorph or what that skin changing tool is called . Anyway i was not really worried i tought must be pretty easy to prove that i am innocent since i saw a few of the post from guys in the past days getting banned and unbanned . So there i go writing my first ticket , closed nothing . Anyway fast forward yesterday i get a real answere saying they are going to check it that sounds pretty good if you ask me , but then today i get an answere "we checked an the ban was correct"

Ok what now? i am 100% i never cheated or botted never bought or sold gold.. i don't even know what i am banned for after 15 years.. support it trash i am kinda speechless at this point and don't even know what to do anymore..

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yes i know most people are thinking oh he botted and got banned.. but seriously do you really thing after 15 years , thousand of hours spend in wow r14 and scarab lord i would be stupid enough to get banned for some stupid shit?

No the other thing is i have 2 accounts and No i never used imput software or anything like that i play with alt tab and do solo jump runs or farm winterspring for epics since p1 or p2 , only my main account got banned and i use them on the same PC and nobody has access to my pc or accounts so i have no clue how i got banned or why i got banned for "cheating/botting"

I don't Believe it but in case anyone can help me : EU76319265

Anyway i just got the mail i am pretty speechless atm.. probably cause i taught i would be unbanned pretty fast since i did nothing wrong.. but when the mail told me they checked and it was not an error yeah that changed my mood


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