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Banned for “Abuse of Economy”

Content of the article: "Banned for “Abuse of Economy”"

I'm a goblin. I buy and sell and trade a stupid amount, all day. I'm constantly buying up herbs, gear, crafting mats etc and flipping them on AH and in trade chat. I'm quite active on the TSM discord.

My server is absolutely littered with Bots (Arugal) and inevitably I'm sure I have bought stuff off them, both in trade and on the AH. Dreamfoil is a good example, I'm currently sitting on over 5000 and Gromsblood too around the same amount. I'm sure a lot of this has been made with bots, but I don't think I'm doing anything wrong by buying them up and using them to make pots/flasks, and stashing them for later.

I also do a lot of GDKP runs, but I doubt this would have triggered it as I'm just a participant and not an organiser, so my trading would be tiny in comparison to theirs.

I don't use any cheat software, all I use in game is TSM and Auctioneer.

Anyway, my account was banned today. My bank alt, storage alts and 1 of my 60's along with a bunch of gold and about 100 flasks along with other material. I'm absolutely devastated.

I've appealed the ban, but hoping I might get some luck posting here.

My ticket ID is US75236289

Updated Ticket ID because I realised I made the ticket on my other account… US75240292

Edit: My character names on the server, which people might know are Abankiam (bank alt) and Pipstab (60 Rogue, quite active)

Edit2: My account is still in review and being escalated.

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To all those who have sent me messages of advice, support and sympathy, I thank you. It all helps.

To those how don't believe me, I get it. I don't believe half the people on here when they claim they did nothing wrong. I wish there was a way I could prove it further. If/when I get my account back, I'll be sure to let everyone know, I'll also be able to get back in to TSM and see if there is a way I can take screenshots to prove that all I do is buy and sell in game and there are no large trades for anything that would suggest gold buying/selling.

To those who are salty, abusive or ignorant. I'm not going to waste my breath. If you really think what I'm doing is "destroying the economy" you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, in which case it makes perfect sense that you have no cash and you're just salty and abusive. I won't waste my breath in trying to convince you of anything or spend another minute labouring over how to reply to your posts.

Why do I have/want so much gold? Because I can. Why do people level 8 characters to 60? Why do people obsess about completing every quest in a zone? Or getting BiS on every character? Or maxing rep with every faction? Or collecting stupidly hard to get pets/mounts? Because it's fun for them, there's a sense of accomplishment, and they can. Making gold is my end game. I want to have a million before TBC comes out. I want to be able to buy whatever I want, whenever I want, without thinking about it. I get that to some that might sound greedy, or stupid or selfish. But I don't care. A lot of people do a lot of things in this game that not everyone agrees with, and that's ok.

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Anyway fingers crossed for a reversal soon. I will keep updating. I won't respond to the negative comments.

Thanks again for the support from those who have.


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