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Banned for Farming Linen Cloth for AQ War Effort UPDATE

Content of the article: "Banned for Farming Linen Cloth for AQ War Effort UPDATE"

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After nearly 40 hours customer support responded to my appeal and this was their response

"My name is Game Master Zynglebop and I am happy to be able to help you today!

I can understand how shocking this situation must be for you, and I would like to assure you that this will be thoroughly investigated as quickly as possible.

I have escalated your account to our specialists who will be investigating the account. Please note, this investigation can take up to five days. We will contact you again when it is complete.

Please run a thorough virus scan on your computer to ensure that this situation won't be repeated so quickly. You can find out complete guide to account and system security here:

I can assure you that our specialists will deal with your account very conscientiously, and a full recovery is often possible.

In the meantime I wish you a great week and lots of fun in our games!"

It is clear that the gm in question did not even read my ticket as I never once claimed or suggested I was hacked. I was just caught in the autoban crossfire for farming too much linen cloth in westfall to help with the AQ war effort on Whitemane. I was hoping that I would be unbanned by today so that I could raid with my guild since u/Cya_Space_Cowboy experienced a very similar issue and his ban is already lifted, but I guess I got a less than competent GM.

I would like to submit the following circumstantial evidence that shows I was not hacking or botting

  1. I was chatting to guildees and other people farming throughout the day

  2. I was logging on to different characters doing different things when I felt like taking breaks (making bandages on my alt, posting/buying auctions on a separate alt)

  3. At the moment I was banned, I had stopped running back to town and was choosing to watch a mage farm boars for light leather.

  4. I was doing things at different times (for example, multiple times I got distracted and let my void walker sacrifice fall off for a couple of minutes which wouldn't happen if I was botting)

  5. I had a 6 month subscription. If I was going to do anything against the rules why would I risk that?

  6. Given the amount of hours that I have put into this game (over 20 days played) why would I risk that time investment?

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For any GM's that happen to browsing reddit and want to help fix this mess, my ticket number is US74671264

Thanks for reading.


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