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Banned on final day of R14 grind

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This morning I received a notice from Blizzard that my account has been closed. The only character on my account is my Rank 13 Mage (Ekohz on Whitemane), and today was to be my final day of my R14 grind (400k to cap). As you can see in the, they state that my account was closed because "… it was involved, either directly or indirectly, with the unauthorized exchange of in-game property for real-world currency" – AKA gold-buying. I borrowed 2k gold from the same individual, a person who I have on my friends list who I've shared literal hundreds of hours with in BGs, over the past two weeks. Here is the timeline:

Last Monday (June 29) I reached out to a friend of mine to borrow 500 gold for the week's consumes. Anyone in Bracket 1 on a large server can tell you that players easily blow through 1k in consumes a week between LIPs, FAPs, Grenades, Stam Food, Elixirs, Nature Protection Pots, and even Flasks. My friend agreed to lend me the 500g, and traded it to me from two of his bank alts (250g each). A day or so later I realized I would not be able to get into a BWL GDKP I was hoping to get into (to hopefully make some gold), so I reached out to him to borrow another 500g, which he traded me in full from one of the same bank alts he had used in the previous transaction.

When this Tuesday came around (July 7) I was still running on empty from the previous week's consumes, so I reached out to him to borrow a final 1k gold to fuel me for my final week's push to R14. I had reassured him that I would be paying him back as soon as this week was over and I could once again have free time. This time he just traded me the 1k from his main, and said "take your time." At this point I think it's worth mentioning that the "terms" and intentions of borrowing this gold is actually all recorded in in-game chat – these weren't private Discord conversations which resulted in random alts trading me gold, these were explicit conversations of a friendly nature between one person and another asking to borrow gold with the full intention of paying it back. If Blizzard could just pull up the logs they could see the intentions and understanding clearly. Again, this is someone who I've had on my friends list for months, who I've logged hundreds of hours with in Battlegrounds.

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I have already reached out to Blizzard through every channel I know. I've filed three tickets; I've tried calling them (they aren't picking up); and I've even filed a complaint with the BBB. I am a fair-minded and honest person, I don't exploit the games I play or try to use real-life Dollars to gain unfair advantage. I wouldn't bother writing this post and wasting anyone else's time if I thought I was guilty of violating Blizzard's ToS somehow. I don't have words to explain how devastated I am right now. I have spent the entirety of the past few months grinding R14 in genuine fashion, without the assistance of account-sharing or botting. I have had to skip out on my own guild's main raids, as my time only affords me the ability to pick two between work, ranking, and raiding. I even saved up my last few months' pay to afford a new computer as my previous one could hardly handle large-scale mayhem. I've put everything I had into this R14 grind and could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, just to see the walls cave in around me and everything go dark.

After first reading the email when I woke up I just sat in hopeless disbelief. This morning I came to this subreddit and posted a poorly-written stream of consciousness that didn't dive into the details and was eventually removed. Having had time to collect my thoughts and emotions, I am reaching out now with this final post in the hopes of gaining some attention from Blizzard. I put my word and good faith in everything written here, and I know that doesn't go far at all on the Internet but it's all I have left. Please, Blizzard, please review my case.

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Ekohz – Whitemane

EDIT My friend finally got back to me this morning on Discord and confirmed that he is not banned, and has no idea what could have caused this. He has two accounts and neither of them have been banned or suspended for any reason. This should address the few comments in this thread simplifying this down to "your friend clearly bought gold."


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