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So i just finished it… And its kinda fucking dumb?

Ive been reading a lot of Warcraft lore through wiki and discussions, and the big strokes are kinda interesting, at least specific areas are. However its the first time i really took the time to dwell into the quests in WoW, read them, follow them without rushing through.

This is gonna be somewhat of a rant.

So the storytelling is incoherent and frankly dumb as balls, the writing is tacky and cheesy, character motivation either makes no sense or is all over the place.

I'll go through my biggest issues here – and yes… plenty of spoilers.

  • So Devos? What was her motivation again? Like alright, i get the whole free will aspect, sure enough. Her original motivation was that the ascended missed more by forgetting their past lives than they gained. Her example is that by ignoring their past they would miss potential treats like the Maw created scourge – this is stupid as shit… There is no reason why you can let go of your past while also taking into account what the aspirants could still remember. There is a difference between forgetting your past and ignoring the world. Also it was said by the Paragon of Wisdom that it could take eons for aspirants to ascend, so surely in that time you can take notice of potential universe ending treats that they might have experianced while still continuing their training?
  • Also, Devos wasnt motivated by freedom of individuality? Or was she? Because the actual interesting aspect of the Bastion campaign was exactly that, what it means to be ''you'', thats a legit moral dillemma, something the campaign completely lost focus of the further you got in – what a gigantic dissapointment that there never was any actual ethical or moral choice, it got brushed under the carpet and never really explored.
  • Devos joined the Maw? The exact place that she was motivated to fight against when she saw that the Maw had ''spilled'' over into the mortal world, yet she joins them? I can get behind the idea of doubt corrupting the ascended, and corruptions breeds the urge for power, so Devos joins the Maw for power? I guess this makes sense, but its just so rushed and …. dumb? How about she joined Denatrius instead who has plenty of Anima, while Revendreth kept in secret that they worked for the Jailor? Devos just seemed less and less as a character with actual motivation and choice than just a dumb robot doing dumb stuff for the sake of a plot that needs to happen.
  • Uther says in the finale that he has forgotten his past, but why? He never went through the ascended training to the point of forgetting, or did i miss something?
  • Uther in general is just a terrible written character in this expansion, his beginning and bastion cinematic is very good and set a stage for something very interesting, yet the development is just so dissapointing and tacky and rushed. He sits around down in the Maw? And he just turns into a pawn until he … chooses not to?
  • It annoys me overall that nothing is done with the question of personal freedom of thought, and the ascended is never actually confronted with this question, they are just protected by the plot and shown as the good guys, while what they do IS in fact morally questionable, but its not treated that way in the narrative. Its just all black and white ''White angels = good, dark angels = bad''.
  • Lysonia… such a tacky and cliche villian, and what exactly was her plan to kill the Archon? A being seemingly utterly and infinitely powerful implied equal to titans? Throw 6 guards at her?
  • No cinematic? no real ending besides killing the next in line of the more interesting yet already dead villian Devos? Even the ascended themself say the Mawsworn are still active as we speak attacking Bastion, we have already seen that its borderline meaningless to kill their leader Devos, as another took over the second that happended. What actually changed? The real bad guys are still in play.
  • Soul binds? They are implied to be extremely special bonds between special people who share a very unique bond… our soul binds are rack tack randos we spend an hour with, i KNOW this is mostly due to game play mechanics, but its just underwhelming.
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I might have missed things i wanted to mention, but for now this is my biggest complaints and confusions, i will add more if i remember things i had issues with.


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