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Behaviour and performance in M+

Often times I read comments like raiderIO is toxic, not getting inved to keys, leavers, trashtalking in m+, raging about blizz version of IO in 9.1 ptr.. Etc.

About myself: I consider myself a causal but competitive player, since I dont have lot of time to play, returned to wow in BFA. S1 my highest key was about 12/13. Since then I tried to improve in every season, finished with a few Mythic bosses down in S3, S4 and about 2.2k io. In SL I strived for more, currently 7/10m(2 nights raiding guild), doing keys in the 15-20 range, sometimes with guildies, oftentimes with pugs. I am doing my own keys only unless I play with guild members. Obviously i am using RaiderIO addon since begining of SL.

Felt a bit burned-out, decided to shake things up for the end of S1, I have mained ele shaman since 8.2,I have played around with different classes, purely dps,mostly mele.

I was like, alright lets have fun, did not even bother to turn on raiderIO on alts, nor to sync them with my main. I have done about 50~ m+ in the 2-15 range with different alts.

As things start to hurt a bit more from about keys of 8+, I realised a few things.

Most of the people applying to my keys are wastly ovegeared in the 210-220 range. Both for 2-5 and 5-12 keys. Still they play terrible. From 2-13 keys I have outdpsed 99% the two other overgeared dps, in 190-200 gear. Had better and worse keys, but every time something went wrong I tried to explain the problem that caused the wipe. 90% of these cases, the player or players who caused the issue, didnt give a shit. In case a miracle happend we could pass the particular point and moove on, otherwise a wipe or two aaaaand the shit show began, flaming each other from various players and leaving.

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Very same, or even worse the small normal/HC raids i tried to pug.

Decided to turn on the IO addon, but inv whoever comes first. Pattern: people with 210-215 gear with 700-1000 io caused the most trouble, flaming, leaving.

Started inving highIO players on alts, or players looking for KSM with 200-215 gear with reasonable io. Smashed 14-15 without a problem with my now 200ilvl alts, usually last dps with still reasonable 4.2,-4,8k overall.

Conclusion: A huge part of the playerbase does not want to actually improve, and learn from their mistakes, they just want the shiny gear and achivments granted. They just dont want to work for it, rather blame every possible outside factor. Pretty much this "summoned" RaiderIO into exsistance.


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