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Best of 2020 Results + Farewell Andrew Banner

Content of the article: "Best of 2020 Results + Farewell Andrew Banner"

The winners are in!

The Grand Prize – 3 months of Reddit Platinum!

  • /u/LimeSucker for his $600 Fiverr Commission

The Winners – 2 months of Reddit Platinum

  • /u/Dedrich for creating an amazing levitation animation
  • /u/F33LGOODiNC for spawning a dozen parodies of WoW saving the day in increasingly unlikely scenarios.
  • /u/TacticalAirHorse for creating "Castle Pineapplia", a Pineapple simulation of Castle Nathria used to learn the boss fights.
  • /u/SweetsourNostradamus for a series of cute posts about a little girls obsession with dinosaurs. / Part 2 / Part 3
  • /u/The_Scarecrows for their quest to create a viable AH alt within the Gilneas starting zone
  • /u/chazinggir for their Druid Tank blame game animation
  • /u/fumbleturkey for starting the "I can't afford…" meme oddysey. — See the others here
  • /u/funkoku for their "You Should Be Dancing" Night Fae music video
  • /u/YuikonnuMashiro for his One Punch Man transmog

Mentionable People – 1 month of Reddit Platinum

  • /u/babylonius for running the Firepower Friday threads each week for the last 6 years. He has recently retired hosting the thread. Thank you.
  • /u/starauguretraeus for his Meltdown Monday series, and continuing it despite no longer playing WoW!
  • /u/Keydar for posting his comics each week, ad-free.
  • /u/BornakkCM for being one of the many faces of Blizzard here in r/wow, and for being a great CM!
  • /u/dmachine_blizz for being one of the many faces of Blizzard here in r/wow, and for keeping PVP alive!
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I'll be gilding each of these people within the next 10 minutes, but I'll ping them below as well so they can bask in our adoration!

Farewell Andrew Banner

Recently there has been confusion over what the Farewell Andrew banner means. Last month the long time head mod /u/aphoenix announced he was going to step down. Aphoenix is best known for working to resolve the subreddits closure during Warlords of Draenor when the previous top mod made the subreddit private. The creator of the banner, /u/vusys, wanted to make it more personal for Aphoenix by using his first name and in doing so led many to believe a member of the community had passed away.

The banner is actually based on his user flair which is itself a play on his username A Phoenix. The contrail of Maple Leaves refer to his Canadian heritage. That's all the banner means and we're sorry for the confusion it has caused.


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