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[BETA] – a place to find teammates for arena

Content of the article: "[BETA] – a place to find teammates for arena"

Ever since I started playing arena back in TBC I always found myself struggling to find teammates to play with. Maybe you found yourself in a similar situation like me when the urge was there to queue up for some arena games. With I'm truly hoping to make this whole endeavor a little bit easier. You can try it out yourself right now! However, everything is still in an early beta stage. Let me know what you think. Every feedback is welcome! (please don't be too harsh 🙂

Select your character

After linking your Blizzard account, select your character and your specialization, which will be used when creating your own group or when joining a group of someone else.

Search for specific compositions

You can search for specific compositions for the character that is currently selected. Additionally, you can define by how much the current rating/experience can differ and filter by language to make the communication with your teammates easier.

Share your group summary page

Every group can be accessed directly with a tiny URL which can be linked anywhere (e.g. ingame in the LFG tool).

Manage group requests in real-time

Let's say your current rating is 2100 and your experience is 2400 in the 3vs3 arena bracket. If you specify a rating difference of 50 and miniumum experience of 2100 a potential candidate would need at least 2050 current rating and 2100 experience to be able to apply to your group.

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