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Birth Order of the Cosmic Forces? (Super Speculative)

Content of the article: "Birth Order of the Cosmic Forces? (Super Speculative)"

Hello all,

I've been pondering the nature of the macro-lore of Warcraft (especially when it comes to the Cosmic Chart, and the way we have seen each of the six cosmic forces manifest in the story so far) and I have to wonder: were all six cosmic forces born in the same moment? Or was each "opposite pair" born separately in a specific or reactionary order?

Based on what we have been told so far regarding relevant information for this particular topic:

  • First there was Light, which stretched out like a sea, but as the Light expanded, holes started to tear in that endless ocean and those gaps gave birth to/were the Void.
  • The clashing of the Light and Void is what gave birth to the Twisting Nether.
  • Supposedly the clashing of Light and Void is what also gave birth to the Great Dark Beyond (though I'd be willing to guess this particular piece of info might be retconned in the future?)
  • The Naaru in Shadowlands reference Death in a way that might indicate that they perceive it as the "lowest" of the Cosmic Forces ("Death needs to be taught its place" – perhaps Death is the youngest force?).
  • (Note: There's definitely some other relevant info out there that I'm missing here, so I do apologize if I forgot to list something)
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My guess on the birth order:

  1. First the Light was born/created (perhaps by the rumored "Clockmaker")
  2. Then as the Light stretched out, the Void was born from the gaps/tears that occurred in that Light.
  3. Then as the Void grew to oppose the Light, the Light and Void clashed, and from that: Disorder was born (the clashing between the Light and Void, see: Twisting Nether).
  4. As certain parts of Disorder began to settle and balance was established: Order came to be (maybe this is why Arcane was weak to Fel when Sargeras battled the other Titans?).
  5. Eventually Order, Disorder, Light and Void all clashed, and Life itself was born.
  6. But as Life grew and its mechanisms evolved: the necessity of Death was born.
  7. At some point, the physical universe (Great Dark Beyond) was born (perhaps from the clashing of all six cosmic forces?).

What do you all think regarding this idea of a cosmic force birth order?


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