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Blessed Wizard Oil, Undead Cleansing, and Holy Waters

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It never really took root in previous server metas, but with how developed Classic's speed run meta has become. It is possible to delete entire trash packs in Naxxramas with a timed 40x SHW throw from your raid. In fact, at least as Alliance, it is possible to pull multiple packs before Patchwerk with a combination of Paladin's Bubble and Flask of Petrification like guilds have done in BWL.

Each member in the raid needs roughly ~720 spell power in order to guarantee that entire packs are killed from the throw. The high amount of spell power is mostly for pack mobs such as Living Monstrosity's. Mobs such as Mad Scientists, Surgical Assistants, Embalming Slime, etc. required much less.

Stratholme Holy Water scales at 100% to spell power, which is accurate to Vanilla. Acquiring the Undead Cleansing set during the Scourge Invasion for your raid, Zandalarian Hero Charm, Rune of the Dawn, 2x Blessed Wizard Oils (if you Dual Wield), in tandem with using a Flask of Supreme Power and Greater Arcane Elixir (which surely you'd make room for if this cuts down on a significant amount of time) leaves you with roughly ~60sp more to acquire.

The ~60 and possibly even the Greater Arcane Elixir could be negated simply by the fact that SHW can crit, which if you're fully wbuffed (~18% base spell crit from Dragonslayer, Songflower, and DMT buffs.) and 40 of them are being thrown. You're bound to offset the damage with crits.

It may be optimal to find a middle ground such as cutting the Flask for normal AOE follow up after the throw from Warriors, Mages, etc.

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Remember, Undead Cleansing's set bonus can double dip on its damage. Once for the initial damage calculation and once again for the crit modifier. Also, do note that a lot of the trash ranges from lv 60 to lv 62, which means the LBR penalty isn't as severe such as it's versus a lv 63.

A lot of you might scoff at this idea to clear faster, but a lot of these items are auto-gimme's. Warrior's already prioritize +healing for their DF swap so the idea of building a SP set for a SHW throw isn't too extreme.


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