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Blizz is lying. Vashj Shoot(And melee) Is Absolutely a Bug

So my guild has been having a rough time with vashj like most guilds. Sometimes we lapse over on blessings of freedom and someone gets shot and killed by vashj. Sometimes a grounding gets eaten by a MC'd warlock and the tank will get stunned and people will die. They're the usual "we're bad" instances of wiping.

But she just keeps fucking shooting people. "Randomly" as blizz puts it. That'd be nice if we could deal with it, or if she wouldn't wipe out 4 people in one "random" instance.

This is what kicked off the conspiracy theories last night.

Watch the threat meter. The second she MC'd someone the tanks threat just disappears. you can see our MT with blessing of freedom up Vashj's ass meleeing her. He was off the threat table for 13 seconds. Not stunned, not snared. Just gone off the threat table.

So last night I decided to dive through a little over a hundred logs of p3 wipes and tried to see what was causing it. I went through the top 40's(except china logs because they're always wonky) and I discovered that it isn't random, and it doesn't work like blizz says.

Shoot specifically is supposed to be the "Intended" part of the fight. In the video and in this log you can see her walk up and ***melee*** people. Not "deciding to randomly pull out her bow to shoot other raid members". She's not supposed to melee people. They said she will decide to bow people to death.

Check 8:15 on this log. It's the log of the video.

My current working theory is that she will *attempt* to MC the main tank. This causes a phantom MC and a threat drop as if the MT was MC'd. She will then go around doing whatever the fuck she wants. I dont know if you can taunt it or really do anything. But that's what I want to know. Is it predictable, and if it is then how can you work around it.

I looked through the logs to find a counter example to disprove my idea. I tried to find an instance of her casting shoot on someone that wasn't lined up exactly, or up to 13 seconds after a persuasion(which is the longest threat wipe I know of because it's in that video). Minus the explainable situations like raid fuckups with snares, stuns, or not having threat right at the start of p3.

So here's my conspiracy. In original TBC the MCs were just removed. They could've made the MCs ccable easily. There're other instances of mechanics where you have to CC MCs. You can go check what scarce few good quality post-nerf videos, after MC was removed, and you won't see her shooting players. At least I haven't' found any.

The whole mechanic is bugged. Why can she melee people


Persuasion causes a threat wipe if she tries to MC the tank, or the threat drop only happens when a persuasion goes out. That's what causes the shoot. Not only the shoot, but she will walk up and melee because it's a threat drop. Basically the whole threat drop is a bug, but the threat drop is causing the shoot and melees, so the shoot and melee is actually the result of a bug.

Thanks for coming to my Ted talk


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