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Blizzard fucked over a legitimate player.

Content of the article: "Blizzard fucked over a legitimate player."

Yesterday, I was falsely banned on my alt account. I created it about 3 months ago or so to assist with gold farming for consumables as well as summoning alts. Blizzard sent me a seemingly automated notice that i had been banned for "Abuse of the Economy". They said i was involved with trading for real world currency. The only things done by me that could even be remotely related are 1. Paying for boosts to 60 (However, I've been level 60 for nearly a month). or 2. Recently buying 2 ZG idols in a GDKP, both with in-game gold ONLY. Neither of these are against the rules AFAIK and can EASILY be proved with any amount of investigation into my logs/trades/ect. This character has been doing raids on resets as well as lots of Dire Maul. Farming mats are simply sold on the auction house and usually excess gold is sent to my main account for consumables. This account is basically a second main that has been raiding and even helps recruit for my guild.

📷 This is the notice I received that my account was banned. It is seemingly an automated notice that states the closure was issued after a careful review of relevant evidence. This is simply UNTRUE as even a small amount of human review could determine the validity of this account. I have no knowledge of the account being compromised as I play on it everyday without issue, therefore i know there have been 0 infractions. This is the email I received after submitting a ticket. An almost identical response after apparently being "reviewed" by a Game Master. I find it very hard to believe any investigation was done. I have been made aware of ZERO evidence and I also know there is no "evidence". No "in depth details" can be provided except what was emailed according to Blizzard. However, as you can see in the first screenshot, ZERO in depth details were provided in the first email.

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I am a very active member of my server. I was having a very fun time playing this account and I am depending on it being available for the release of Naxx. Classic is my first time playing WoW and this experience with Customer Support has been absolutely unacceptable in my eyes and I am extremely disappointed with the amount of effort put in by Customer Support. Unfortunately, I know real support often comes in the form of Social Media and I am hoping this post can gain traction in the effort a REAL PERSON reviews my account.


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