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Blizzard is STILL banning people for AQ War Effort farming and not bothering to look into it.

Content of the article: "Blizzard is STILL banning people for AQ War Effort farming and not bothering to look into it."

In the last week or so, one of my guildies posted here about how she got falsely banned for farming absurd quantities of linen in RFC. That ban (thankfully) was overturned within hours of her post.

Since then, our guild has still been on a linen farming binge. One of our favorite spots was a camp in Westfall with a very high respawn rate. We had a few people that would go out there solo or in groups for large periods of time as well as larger groups that formed in the evenings to really wring the place dry. One of our warlocks (Referred to as "FarmLord" from here on out) was especially dedicated and happens to also work from home during the pandemic, so he was able to spend hours and hours farming by himself during the day. He'd be in Discord the whole time, chatting with whoever popped in and out. Warlock farming in that spot is super efficient, and over time he managed to find a perfect spot to stand where he could reach all of the mobs in the area, dot them, and have them die at his feet for easy looting. So he'd spend hours as an orc turret, picking off Defias one by one for their cloth.

Meanwhile, the coordinates were posted to our Discord, which led to a gank on our farmers by a disgruntled ex-guildie (referred to from here on as "OldNews") who still had connections in the guild Discord. He brought his Alliance alt and a few of his friends while we were afk for a break and sat there waiting to camp us. We logged off for a few hours and came back while the Alliance guild was raiding. A bit after they'd finished, OldNews comes back alone and watches us for a while before leaving. We had a large farm set up by that point and several warlocks (including FarmLord) actively summoning more, so he didn't flag and didn't seem to be able to muster any reinforcements (on our server Alliance side is effectively dead other than one guild and Horde alts).

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He must have reported us though, or on one of his other occasions observing FarmLord at the spot, because days later FarmLord is banned. We go through the proper procedure, file an appeal, appeal overturned, now it's a 6 month ban. The initial ban just said he'd been flagged for suspicion of hacking/botting. The second message specified that he'd been reported by another player.

Again, we had another player in our guild flagged for farming RFC. Overturned within a day. FarmLord is manually tagging mobs in Westfall, performing the same behavior as many of our other guild members that have farmed there. Yet he's banned for 6 months. The latest appeal still upheld it, each message with less and less context. "This penalty has already been upheld. Any further requests on this topic will not be addressed." Not once have they (or will they, I suspect) elaborate on what they think he did or give him a chance to explain any suspicious behaviors. No assurance that they even looked into it beyond seeing another player's report.

Blizzard, if you're going to blindly trust shoddy algorithms and mixed-bag reports, you're going to upset a lot of people in the coming weeks. With the AQ War Effort and related Scarab Lord farms in Silithus, how many players are going to spend unusual amounts of time doing "bot-like" farms? How many people are going to falsely issue botting reports due to server politics and tag stealing? Hundreds of players are going to be flagged and funneled into this dysfunctional system, and they're going to be just as pissed as we are about how they are treated. Blizzard assumes guilt immediately. They tell you not to even bother to appeal. They don't tell you what you're accused of. They don't tell you why they upheld or changed their decision. They don't dignify you with a response other than "we're right because we said so, now **** off." This isn't how you treat loyal players and expect them to stay with you.

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TL;DR: Second guildie unfairly banned in the span of a few days for linen farming and treated like shit. Ban isn't overturned because a salty ex-guildie made a false report and Blizzard won't look into it. This is bad news for Scarab Lord farmers in the coming weeks.


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