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Blizzard NEEDS to fix Low pop realms.

Another Guild leaves Dragonfang. Along with Judgement and Flamelash, these three servers sit in the EU "low" population bracket. Some of these servers only have one active raid guild on a certain faction, with 5-8 on the more populated faction.

The summer drought is impacting Guilds universally, but the impact is being felt all the more on these low pop realms.

Blizzard has hung them up to dry, offering free transfers with the promise of "move or queue" on the busier ones. This hard line has been abandoned entirely with many high pop servers receiving additional layers.

Meanwhile, players are free to transfer off the low pop servers (at a price) which is a stab in the back to those that came for free, in good will, to support Blizzards goals of balanced population across realms.

At this point, these servers need to be wrapped up entirely. Numbers only set to dwindle as the months between BWL and AQ drag on, and once AQ is unlocked and cleared the same issue will raise its head again but with a smaller starting population to dip from.

Either merge the servers, or offer free transfers from them to medium pop servers. Honestly looking at the number of guilds and /who 60 numbers, even merging all three servers together would leave them at a lower overall population than any other medium pop server.

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I'm unsure what the state of servers are in other regions, but I'm sure there are probably other low pop servers suffering a slow decline and death thanks to Blizzard negligence.

There are certainly issues with the game and release schedule that compound the problem, but offering a bit of breathing room with a higher server population allows engagement to continue with the game even in the quiet periods.

I played a low pop server in Classic WoW (Agamaggan) and the population was never as bad as it is on Dragonfang now. Even after the mass free transfer for Spanish players, realm pop was significantly higher than what we see at the moment.

TL;DR Blizzard have hung low pop servers out to dry, we need merge and/or free character transfers ASAP.


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