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Blizzard, please start banning pilots/RMT carries on retail arena like you did for TBC

For those of you who are unaware, Blizzard unleashed a banwave/DQ for teams/players in TBC who were caught piloting, RMT boosting for real life money, etc. It turns out that there was so much blatant cheating going on that for example Oceanic realms, there were no Infernal Gladiator (rank 1) titles handed out. That has since been resolved, of course, but partially shows how big the RMT problem is at the moment.

The same needs to happen for retail arena. It’s time. The RMT boosting problem is arguably worse on retail for a few reasons.

  1. The gear gap is much more massive on retail. You need to hit certain rating milestones to be able to upgrade your gear – 1400, 1600, 1800, ending at 2100 for the final tier. These rating tiers make it way more enticing for people to buy boosts. Conquest gains for the gear are also insanely low.
  2. Arena playerbase is much smaller than it usually is due to the unfriendly Systemslands and how long it takes to get a character that’s actually functionable in PvP, Alliance LFG is a ghost town, Horde LFG has more advertisements than actual groups looking to play.

I could go on, but I don’t want to distract from the main point of my post. There are players who are making a full time job out of selling arena boosts for RMT.

Just giving a few examples:

There is a R1 Windwalker who has ~14k games played THIS SEASON already selling boosts. Let’s underestimate and say each game takes 1 minute sitting in queue, 1 minute in the arena prep room, and 1 minute of actual arena gameplay. These values are grossly underestimated because queues past 2k can often take 4-5mins, matches can go 3+ minutes. This player is spending 10 HOURS A DAY boosting for real life money. I’m sure doubters are going to say “well hurr durr how do u know hes boosting for RMT” but I already know – I whispered him saying im reporting him for RMT and he said he doesnt care because its a throwaway account. He's not even a US player – he plays on EU servers primarily and made an account to boost over here. If you've played a decent amount in the 1800-2500 range you prob know who I am referring to.

There is a certain streamer DH who is paying r1 players ON STREAM $100 an hour to attempt to get him Rank 1.

There are tons of booster accounts specifically made during this expansion, have 0 pvp achievements/regular achievements, yet have thousands of arena matches played with Gladiator S1/S2 Shadowlands. Hmm, I wonder why these accounts exist? They are burner accounts made to sell RMT boosts.

Last season there was a certain Rank 1 Priest and his buds that were just short of Rank 1 range, and was able to pay a 3200 rated team real life money to take some rating from them to get them in Rank 1 range. The arena community picked up on this, sent in many reports to Blizzard and they did nothing.

I was queueing 1800ish CR games on an alt and we fought a glad boost carry that was at 1700mmr and got his final glad win, the 2 boosters were 1600 CR and the boostee was 2400 CR and got his final glad win at 1700mmr.

The list could go on. I can link so many check-pvp pages of blatant booster accounts but sadly naming and shaming is against CoC.

Bans need to happen. The integrity of the ladder is lower than it’s ever been. Boosting is insanely rampant and you are very likely to queue into a boosting team due to the arena population being deader than it’s ever been.

Please do something.


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