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Botting in retail is worse than you think

Content of the article: "Botting in retail is worse than you think"

Hello everyone,

I’d like to preface this by saying this post is a result of roughly a month’s worth of research and observation during my free time. I will try to keep this as concise as possible but there is a lot to go through. I haven’t seen any post/article/thread/etc that provides an in-depth look into bots so this is my attempt at one to make the info more readily available for people to see.

The botting problem is worse than you may think. There are easily thousands of bots across all the servers, with wm on and wm off factored in. This is not an overstatement. Please hear me out.

I checked wm on and wm off across these servers, which are generally the main big servers that other smaller servers are attached to:

-Emerald Dream

-Wyrmrest Accord






On every server, in every area that I checked wm on and wm off, ALL of them had bots. Not a single one didn’t.

Typically with spots that I had wm on for, there were 5-10 bots per area. Bot owners will turn wm on while farming because there is typically less competition, but they run the risk of being messed with or camped. For spots that I had wm off for, there were 10-20 bots (if not more!) per area because they cannot be camped and are less risky to handle.

The most common areas to check for bots: -Felborne Outpost, Suramar

-Gilded Market, Suramar

-Conqueror’s Terrace, Isle of Thunder


-Hawthorne’s Plot, Drustvar (porcupine area south of Carver’s Harbor)

-Orunai Coast (Heading into Talador but it’s the southwest corner of Gorgrond. Near Pydarter npc)

-The Iron Docks


If there are more spots that you have personally found to have bots, please let me know in the comments so that I may add them for others to check.

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I have made an album of screenshots I took when searching across different servers. It will be continuously updated for each spot I find.

I have found that there are typically five types of bots being run across the game:

-Suicide bots

-Corporation bots

-Instanced bots

-Material bots

-Open world bots

Suicide bots are created in mind that these accounts will inevitably be banned, so minimal input is used for them to generate the highest amount of gold. The most common type of suicide bots I found were low level worgen druids in Isle of Thunder and Orunai Coast. No one is really watching over these as they bot, they are put in motion and then kinda ignored like a crockpot dinner. Every now and then the person controlling them will come back to see what’s going on.

Corporation bots are created by, you guessed it, gold selling corporations. They are typically using stolen or bought accounts and used to look legitimate while farming so they run a lower chance of being found and reported. Typically these will have a player or two watching over them as they bot, and if these bots are being camped, these players will take control of the bots or hop onto their “mains” (also stolen accounts) to act as bodyguards for these bots if they are being attacked. The most common type of corporation bots are found in Felborne Outpost and the Gilded Market. It is definitely a community running these bots. In one instance, some friends and I killed bots at the Felborne Outpost for a bit. 16 bodyguards suddenly swarmed us after they had logged from their bots.

Instanced bots are self-explanatory, they’re set to be programmed for running in a dungeon, clearing/killing everything for raw gold/mats, then running out to sell it all to a mammoth vendor before running back in to do the same. See this video Asmongold made not too long ago:

Material bots are bots typically set in cities like Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Dalaran, etc. They are mailed materials from their other set of bots and are programmed to create items, disenchant them, and then sell them on the Auction House. See this thread about a particular guild of bots on Wyrmrest Accord Stormwind:

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Open world bots are also pretty explanatory, they are one or two bots (typically druids) set on a path to farm herbs and/or mining nodes. See this video from Farhunter Gaming:

Is Blizz taking action against these bots? Yes, I believe so. I have gotten many in-game letters across my various toons that thank me for reporting players for cheating and let me know that action has been taken against these players. The issue is however, they ban them in a day or two and this action is far too slow to keep up with the pace of the owners of these bots. Because of the sheer raw gold these bots farm, they are able to simply open up new accounts within the next day of being banned. What they are doing is simply not enough and they need to take a stronger, more effective stance against people botting.

With this in mind, I am most upset about the Isle of Thunder bots in particular. If you look back in any type of wow forums, you can see as far back as 2016 that these types of druid bots have been running around spamming their abilities in a circle. Same pathing, same coding running them. I understand Blizzard has to crack down on bots in waves so they don’t let botters know what they banned in particular, but they have dropped the ball. This botter running them hasn’t changed anything and hasn’t been banned for good. See the 2016 post here:

My suggestion to Blizzard? Please hire a dedicated bot hunting team that goes around the game while invisible. They can observe for themselves and very clearly see in certain areas/zones where bot farms are happening and can immediately ban them after doing a thorough investigation. Hell, I’ve been going around zones/servers with wm on and off, hunting these bots, camping them, and reporting them for a month. And I’m a player doing this for free.

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All in all, if you’re bored or looking for something to do in 8.3 while we wait for the Shadowlands pre-patch? Then I really can’t recommend bot hunting enough. Just make sure you report them in-game for botting before camping them so they can’t avoid being reported via phasing out. Generally the control players behind these bots are very easy to get upset and frustrated, especially if you camp them or mind control them in spots where their bots cannot get out of due to poor coordinate-based programming. You can absolutely make them ragequit. Do your civic duty!

If you have read this far, thank you for your time, I hope I can do something to change things for the better.


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