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Buying gold and inflation has become an inexorable part of classic; what should be done?

Gold buying is a problem

So I don't think it is productive to have the conversation if buying wow gold is a problem or how big it is, I think it is fair to say that it is truly massive. The scale and flagrance is truly mindboggling.

Why inflation is a problem:

That being said I think it is important to state why I think massive inflation in TBC/Classic is and will be a huge problem. The main one is that it prevent conventional gameplay from being 'good enough'. I believe that the way that people were supposed to afford the 'big' things in TBC are dailies and a bit of farming with steadily putting away money. Do your dalies for 2-3 months and minus some expenses you have enough for your epic mount! (Also is about the amount of time that it takes to get exalted with netherwing) Items in game were also proportional to this time investment with big items like epics costing 100s-1000g giving you a reasonable way of attaining them though game-driven content. Now crafted epics cost thousands in classic and are going be way worse in TBC. The standard TBC safe way of making money is now non-viable for anything but your epic mount – with now 5,000 gold seeming like a pittance.

The counter to this is "Just farm" and to that I say, 1. Everyone and their mums is going to be at throne and shadowmoon (and a lot of the non-obvious spots are instanced which is part of the problem). 2. Where does the gold the buyers or those items come from? 3. It isn't fun for a lot of people. 4. It isn't practicle for everyone to farm for items.

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And it also wasn't a requirement for TBC dalies really were good enough (especially after Isle)

Obvious easy (poor) solutions

That being said, with this being the case what SHOULD be done about massive inflation and gold buying?

I used to think the ideal would for gold buying would be have the gold stripped (if possible) and the player's toon reset to the point prior to purchase. I think many would be for an outright ban and I think some would simply say that a wowtoken is the solution

Why is gold buying so bad now?

But none of these actually address the core issue as to WHY gold is being bought (besides people want money)

I believe it to be in two main parts, the economy is massively inflated in wow; be it from bots, natural gold from instance farming or just massive servers (likely a combination of the three) and this has cause a lot of people who want services, mats, and consumes to just buy gold since naturally farming it isn't practical for many.

Second, that gold has become the standard for services that were never intended in wow. I do not believe that Classic or TBC were designed with the expectation that people would do dungeons in the space of 13minutes and then reset it over and over for 4x20g or that people would carry a bunch of fresh 60s through AQ in the space of 2 hours in exchange for gold. This incentivizes people to just trade real world money for things in the game that would take hours/days/weeks to achieve for almost nothing; $100 instead of finding a guild, trialing gearing, consumes and alike seems like a steal to some.

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Inflation is going to get worse

These factors are only going to get much worse in TBC, due to much bigger scaling (End boss loot goes from 40attack power to 128 & 3 red sockets) almost anyone is going to be able to boost and that means there being far more constant gold being pumped into the economy from instanced mobs and vendoring. This is on top of dalies and naturally more gold from quests/world- NPCs.

Currently the way the classic economy outputs and removes currency isn't, as a percentage, isn't doing enough to stop insane inflation (I just saw a MC pair of shoulders go for almost 10k) blizzard is going to have to do something or we are going to be seeing items items go for gold cap+ in gdkp and primal fires costing 100s of gold (You need 50+ for spellfire btw)

I don't have a fix.. lol

I don't have a good answer for this. A gold reset isn't going to stop it from happening again but faster, banning the gold buyers and you ban 1/2 the playerbase at this point and still the economy will be in tatters. I think blizz needs an elegant solution to a problem the players created.

I really believe that an inflated economy isn't going to be fun

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Now Some are going to say it isn't a problem and that is fine. But I personally can't reconcile internally that a dedicated diligent player can't afford some solid gear/consumes from the AH form dalies in TBC. That just isn't how it was. It isn't 'classic the burning crusade'

This isn't me having a sook; im freakin loaded, but I do worry about the new people getting into TBC and returning players and casuals (yes they exist in classic) who are going to have a bad time.


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