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Cast time inconsistencies on hunter abilities – Possible bug?

Content of the article: "Cast time inconsistencies on hunter abilities – Possible bug?"

After playing hunter since launch and having gotten into pvp really heavily as of late, I noticed that when I was kiting I would sometimes cancel my autoshots before they would go off. If you have played hunter and you use an attack timer, you probably know what im tralking about. The bar gets filled, the cast is supposed to end and it doesnt. So I decided to look at some logs and see what is happening.

These are the logs:
Auto Shot
Multi Shot

This is the cast time of a few autoshots on Nefarian. Notice those were shots that werent affected by any extra haste (improved aspect of the hawk of rapid fire). Auto Shot is a 500 ms cast, reduced by haste, my quiver gives 15%, so the total expected cast time should be around 434 ms. The problem comes when, looking at logs, the cast time can sometimes go up as high as 520 ms, and sometimes lower, 390ms I have seen. This also happens to multishot :

Notice these casts were also NOT affected by any extra haste beside quiver, which is always present.

Looking at advanced logs, auto shot is treated as a cast, like any other ability in the game. When the cast starts, the event SPELL_CAST_START fires off and when its cast the event SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS is fired off. So my question is, where is this apparent inconsistency coming from? Its apparent that its not from spell bathing or the hunter "retry timer", as those are 400ms and 500 ms respectively, and there is no hint that the inconsistency is that big. Is this a clientside bug, is it working as intended, or is it a server issue? Note this happens to all hunters, no matter your ping. The inconsistency is only present mostly on auto shot and multishot.

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