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Choosing a Class in Shadowlands – Wowhead Class Writer Opinions on Gameplay Updates and Strengths in the Pre-Patch

Content of the article: "Choosing a Class in Shadowlands – Wowhead Class Writer Opinions on Gameplay Updates and Strengths in the Pre-Patch"

Greetings Reddit!

I'm part of the Wowhead content team, and today we wanted to share our gameplay overviews for all classes going into the Shadowlands pre-patch.

Choosing a class or spec can be a really difficult question, especially for returning players, as so much has changed for some classes during the Shadowlands testing cycle. From the Unpruning to the GCD changes, most classes are receiving new gameplay tools in the expansion, not to mention those which have had their spells and talents overhauled entirely!

With that in mind, with the help of our Class Writers, we've prepared an initial set of class guides highlighting major gameplay changes for every specialization in the Shadowlands pre-patch. We hope these pages will help you decide if a given spec is a perfect choice for you in the Pre-Patch, by describing each specialization's strengths, as well as the impact of changes like new abilities, AoE Caps, and GCD Changes.

While some dedicated players follow every single datamining update, we know that other players are returning to WoW after a long break. To organize class information better for returning players, we've presented the class highlights into four overviews: Tanks, Healers, Melee DPS, and Ranged DPS. If any spec sparks your attention, we have more information linked below each summary.

Note that these guides are not a Tier List, as we won't be delving into comparisons between specs. While pre-patch is around the corner, there's still some time until Shadowlands launches, and Blizzard is still making adjustments to classes, covenants, and legendaries, all of which will influence any attempt to rank classes. We just hope to show, through speaking about each spec's strengths and gameplay, what makes that spec unique when compared to its peers.

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Stay tuned for more in-depth pre-patch updates closer to release, as well as the return of the "State of" class series! Thanks for all your support on our Shadowlands beta class coverage so far.


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