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“Class Performance Breakdown” (CPB) & “Combat Log Analytics” (CLA): Releasing stable Naxxramas version 1.2

Content of the article: "“Class Performance Breakdown” (CPB) & “Combat Log Analytics” (CLA): Releasing stable Naxxramas version 1.2"


For everyone who already know the CPB / CLA: Please update to this version and get familiar with the new features that were added in the last weeks/months! PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY VERSION OLDER THAN 1.1.7 DUE TO BUGS! You can also update existing spreadsheets very easily, just check out the "Pro Instructions" sheet or contact me so I do it for you!

For everyone who never heard of it yet: This is a compilation of automated, spreadsheet-generating tools based on the WarcraftLogs API for ClassicWoW. Think WoWAnalytics, but different 😀

What are the different features?

– The CPB offers a side-by-side overview of key information about raid members of a certain class. Besides the basic number of casts it offers information about relative activity, class cooldowns and trinket usages, numbers on damage taken from avoidable casts, interrupted spells, how many mobs an aoe cast hit on average and much, much more information, even detailed lookups like the answer to "how many Sunder Armors did player x apply to targets with less than 5 Sunder Armor stacks?".
The CPB can be started for ALL RAIDS AND CLASSES and either all bosses and trash fights or only bosses (with or without wipes) or only trash fights (with or without wipes) or for a single fight (complete fight or just up until second x).

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– The CLA offers answers to questions about the raid in general:

  • Who did not enchant parts of their gear? (sheet "w/o enchants")
  • Which ignites were present during the raid? (sheet "ignites")
  • Which raid member did bring which world buffs? (sheet "world buffs")
  • Who equipped how much Frost Resistance gear on Sapphiron or Kel'Thuzad? (sheet "frost resi")
  • Is our run valid regarding the speedrun requirements from WarcraftLogs? (sheet "validate log")
  • Which mob pulls were quicker than last week or which pulls was the number 1 guild quicker on? (sheet "fights")

Most of these sheets also offer additional settings for certain circumstances and the CPB/CLA itself offer additional quality of life features as well!

You can get these spreadsheets here (everything is for free, if you want to buy me a beer you can find a Paypal link on the spreadsheets):

There is also a Discord if you want to share feature requests or bugs or simply are looking for help to set everything up:

With this release I will also start to shift more and more time to developing this for Classic TBC!


PS: Here find an example for the CPB:


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