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Classic Forever Patch Notes


  • Five-player dungeons are no longer limited to 5 players. However, if a party is converted to a raid at any point, no loot will drop from mobs or bosses killed in these dungeons. (Does not apply to Blackrock Spire, which will still be capped at 10.)
  • Manual Crowd Pummelers' on-use effect has been removed and replaced with a similar on-hit effect appropriate to the item's level.


  • Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer : For 6 hours after an Onyxia turn-in and 8 hours after a Nefarian turn-in, players may talk to the relevant turn-in NPC to get the Dragonslayer buff (No cooldown for this).
  • Spirit of Zandalar : For 8 hours after a Heart of Hakkar turn-in, players may talk to the relevant turn-in NPC to get the Spirit of Zandalar buff (No cooldown for this).
  • Dire Maul Tribute : Upon zoning into a cleared Dire Maul North Tribute, players are immediately crowned King of the Gordok. Additionally, Tribute buffs are no longer considered Magic.
  • Songflower: Clicking on a Cleansed Songflower now loots a Songflower to the player's inventory. This item is unique and carries 5 charges. Using a charge places Songflower Serenade on the player.
  • Warchief's Blessing: For 3 hours after a turn-in, players may talk to Thrall to get the Warchief's Blessing buff (No cooldown for this).
  • NEW Windsor's Revenge: Beginning "The Great Masquerade" quest will cause all players in Stormwind and Elwynn Forest to receive the Windsor's Revenge buff, which is a clone of the Warchief's Blessing. For 3 hours after a turn-in, players may speak to General Marcus Jonathan in Stormwind to get the Windor's Revenge buff (no cooldown for this). This only works the first time a player attempts the quest – if failed and attempted again, no buff will go out or be available from General Marcus Jonathan.



  • Black Lotus now has a small chance to drop from Dreamfoil, Icecap, Plaguebloom, Golden Sansam and Mountain Silversage.
  • New Quest: "A Real Green Thumb…" Obtained from Malvor in Moonglade. Objective: Loot a Luminescent Dreamfoil, Hardy Mountain Silversage, Radiant Golden Sansam, Frozen Icecap, Deadly Plaguebloom and a Midnight Lotus. Items are lootable from their namesakes – 5% drop chance, with the exception of Midnight Lotus which is a 100% drop chance from Black Lotus. These quest items will only drop with an Herbalism skill of 310 or higher. Quest requires Level 60, 300 Herbalism. REWARD: Green Thumbed Gloves – Equip: Increases Herbalism skill by 10. Additionally, gathering standard herbs will now yield one additional herb. (I.e., Excludes Black Lotus)


  • Mithril, Dark Iron, Small Thorium and Rich Thorium veins all have a chance of dropping Elemental Earth.


  • Blacksmiths can now create four new items: Fine Grip (Swords), Steady Grip (Maces), Brutal Grip (Axes) and Swift Grip (Daggers). These items can be attached to a Hand item, and will provide +5 to the respective weapon skill.


  • All potions that previously stacked to 5 will now stack to 10.


All end bosses will now drop a special token unique to that boss. Upon reaching Exalted with the requisite faction, the player can take these tokens to a a related vendor and use them to purchase items that drop in the relevant raid. These tokens are not meant as an alternative farming path for gear – rather, the goal is to help players have a way to get that one item that may still elude them after months of farming a raid (e.g., Onslaught Girdle from MC, Neltharion's Tear from BWL, Rejuvenating Gem from BWL, etc.). More details on this can be found below.

Molten Core

  • Ragnaros now drops a token called Smoldering Ember of Ragnaros which can be looted by all players in the raid. After reaching Exalted reputation with the Hydraxian Waterlords, the player can visit Duke Hydraxis in Azshara and use these tokens to purchase items from Molten Core.

  • Bindings of the Windseeker – Once a player has obtained one of the Bindings of the Windseeker, as well as the Essence of the Fire Lord, killing the boss that drops the player's missing Binding will drop a Fragment of the Binding of the Windseeker. Obtaining 10 of these will allow them to be combined into Dormant Binding of the Windseeker (10 weeks of additional farming, about as long as it takes to farm Atiesh). This item will begin a quest to search for a being that can breathe life into the dormant Binding. Mind Controlling Master Elemental Shaper Krixix in BWL will show that the quest can be turned into him. He will provide a follow-up quest that will require the Dormant Binding to be plunged into the corposes of Nefarian, Onyxia and Ragnaros – completing the final step will result in the dormant binding becoming activated, transforming it into the missing Bindings of the Windseeker. All three feats can be accomplished in any order but must be completed within 90 minutes of accomplishing the first feat, or else the item cools and becomes fully dormant again.

  • The number of Lava Packs in Molten Core has been reduced

  • After defeating Ragnaros, players will be able to purchase Greater Fire Protection potions from Hansel Heavyhands in Searing Gorge. Maximum of 5 in inventory – these potions are Bind on Pickup and do not stack with normal Greater Fire Protection potions.

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Blackwing Lair

  • Nefarian now drops a token called Black Scale of Nefarian which can be looted by all players in the raid. The player can visit General Marcus Jonathan in Stormwind or Overlord Saurfang in Orgrimmar and use these tokens to purchase items from Blackwing Lair. No reputation is required.

  • The number of lab packs in Blackwing Lair has been reduced.


  • Hakkar now drops a token called Feather of Hakkar which can be looted by all players in the raid. After reaching Exalted reputation with Zandalar, the player can visit Rin'wosho on Yojamba Isle and use these tokens to purchase items from Zul'Gurub, including Idols.

Ruins of Ahn'qiraj

  • Ossirian now drops a token called Empowered Obsidian Chunk which can be looted by all players in the raid. After reaching Exalted reputation with Cenarion Circle, the player can visit Kania in Cenarion Hold and use these tokens to purchase items from the Ruins of Ahn'qiraj.

Temple of Ahn'qiraj

  • C'thun now drops a token called Essence of an Old God which can be looted by all players in the raid. After reaching Exalted reputation with the Brood of Nozdormu, the player can visit Anachranos in Tanaris and use these tokens to purchase items from the Temple of Ahn'qiraj.

  • The number of trash packs from the Twin Emperors has been significantly reduced.

  • After defeating C'thun, players will be able to purchase Greater Nature Protection Potions and Elixir of Poison Resistance Potions from Kania in Cenarion Hold. Maximum of 5 GNPPs and 10 Elixir of Poison Resistance in inventory – these are Bind on Pickup and do not stack with normal Greater Nature Protection Potions or Elixirs of Poison Resistance.


  • Kel'thuzad now drops a token called Bone Fragment of Kel'thuzad which can be looted by all players in the raid. After reaching Exalted reputation with the Argent Dawn, the player can visit the Argent Dawn Quartermaster in EPL and use these tokens to purchase items from Naxxramas.

  • The number of trash packs in Grand Widow Faerlina's room has been reduced.

  • After defeating Kel'thuzad, players will be able to purchase Greater Frost Protection Potions and Greater Shadow Protection Potions from the Argent Dawn Quartermaster in EPL. Maximum of 5 each in inventory – these potions are Bind on Pickup and do not stack with normal Greater Frost or Greater Shadow Protection Potions.

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The goal of these changes is to even out some of the extreme RNG scenarios in raiding, and also to slightly relieve the cost involved due to certain consumables being mandatory for clearing specific encounters. Generally speaking, it will take 2-4 months of farming a particular raid instance in order to collect enough tokens to purchase an item.


So the idea with all of these changes is to relieve some pressure points in raiding, and to bump up viability of a few specs/classes. Viability is the goal; not equality. Warriors, Mages and Rogues will still be kings. But Hunters and Warlocks should be able to contribute a bit more, Boomkins, Retadins and Protadins should all be able to justify at least one spot in a raid without needing to count on the raid's charity, Resto Druids got a new wrinkle, and Feral Druids got a huge quality of life tweak in their talents. The overarching methodology behind all of this was "Make the biggest impact possible, with the fewest changes possible" – and maintain the Classic spirit of these classes to the fullest extent possible.


  • At level 60, Conjuring Crystal Water and/or Cinnamon Rolls will produce 20 items per conjure.


  • Innervate: When cast on another target, will affect the Druid as well.


  • Heart of the Wild – Moved to "Predatory Strikes" position in the talent tree.

  • Predatory Strikes – Removed. Previous effects will be combined with Sharpened Claws.

  • New Talent (in Heart of the Wild's old position): Omen of Ferocity (3/3): Allows the Druid to conjure an Omen of Ferocity (spell has a 5 minute cooldown). Using the Omen increases the Druid's attack speed by 25%/35%/50% for 30 secs. Omen has 3 charges (30 second cooldown).

Note: For a Hybrid DPS spec, Feral is in a solid spot – especially when using Manual Crowd Pummelers. However, MCP farming is just a soul-crushing endeavor in tedium. These adjustments provide a talent-based solution to MCP farming.


  • Nature's Grace – In addition to the existing effects, Spell criticals allow 100% of your mana regeneration to continue while in combat for 7 seconds.

  • Moonglow – Changed from 3 points to 2. 5%/10%.

  • New Talent: Sudden Impact: Moonfire's Damage Over Time effect is now instant. Moonfire now has a 5 second cooldown.

  • Improved Thorns: Removed.

  • New Talent (Replaces Improved Thorns): Elune's Wrath (3/3): Casting Wrath provides the Druid with a buff that increases their spell damage by 1/2/3% for 30 seconds. Stacks up the five times.

  • Moonkin Form: "Can only cast Balance spells" changed to "Cannot cast healing spells."

Note: Moonkins suffer from poor damage and mana problems. Additionally, their rotation is the definition of simple – it's a one-spell rotation with literally zero variety or mechanics involved. These changes are aimed to help give Boomkin damage a nudge, provide a little more dynamism to the rotation, and also slightly improve their mana problems. Boomkins will also be able to make use of some of their utility abilities without the need to shift out of Moonkin form.


  • Swiftmend: Your next healing spell becomes instant cast. In addition, all friendly targets within 8m of the original target receive 50% of the healing effects (No buff effect is placed on the nearby targets. If a HoT is used, it will only be on the original target – but ticks will pulse to the nearby friendly targets). 30 second cooldown.

Note: Resto Druids are frankly mediocre in raiding. They're not bad per se, but they're not particularly good. With that said, they have a place in raids and aren't necessarily broken, so a heavy hand felt inappropriate here. The re-design of Swiftmend is meant to give them a unique mechanic that other classes can't really duplicate and could fill an interesting niche in raids.

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  • Improved Retribution Aura: Changed from 2 points to 3. 25/50/75%. Additionally, Retribution Aura now increases melee critical strike chance by 1/2/3%. Does not stack with Leader of the Pack.

  • Sanctity Aura: In addition to existing effects, now increases spell critical chance by 3%. Does not stack with Moonkin Form.

  • Vengeance: When Vengeance procs on the Paladin, all party members within 30 yards receive a buff boosting their damage by 5% for 8 seconds.

  • Repentance: In addition to its existing effects, when your Repentance ends or breaks or if your Repentance is resisted or otherwise fails, the Paladin receives a 20% increase to movement speed and attack speed for 12 seconds.

Note: The goal here is to give Retadins a little more damage-based utility. Depending on their group comp, they could flex between Retribution or Sanctity Aura. Vengeance will also provide a nice boost to members in their group, and Repentance should provide a cooldown that makes Retadins a little more interesting to play and provide a small DPS boost.


  • Righteous Fury: Changed from 3 points to 2. 25%/50%

  • Provoke: New Tier 5 talent. Taunt. Holy spell. Otherwise works like Warrior/Druid taunt.

Note: The goal here is to make Paladins a little more viable at tanking trash, and maybe occasionally certain bosses or boss encounters – especially those that require multiple tanks (Drakes in BWL, etc.).


  • Soulwell is now added to the game. However, this iteration is slightly different from later versions. The spell to conjure the Soulwell has a 6 minute cooldown and each Soulwell contains 15 charges.


  • Improved Life Tap: In addition to existing effects, now increases the Warlock's spell damage by 5% for 30 secs.


  • Devastation: In addition to existing effects, decreases the damage the Warlock takes from channeling Hellfire by 65%.

Note: The ideas here were to give Warlocks a small nudge on single-target/boss fights, and to also make it a little easier for them to contribute on trash pulls with multiple mobs. The Soulwell addition is meant to relieve some of the tedium of conjuring Healthstones for everyone…but without going to the other extreme and making it completely automatic.



  • Arcane Shot: No longer shares a cooldown with Aimed Shot.

  • Improved Arcane Shot: In addition to the existing effects, casting Arcane Shot increases the attack speed of the Hunter and his pet 3/6/9/12/15% for 10 seconds.

  • Barrage: In addition to existing effects, Multi-Shot hits 1/2/3 additional targets. For each additional target hit, the cooldown of Multi-shot is reduced by 1 second.


  • Monster Slaying: In addition to existing effects, applies to Beasts and Uncategorized enemies as well.

  • Humanoid Slaying: In addition to existing effects, applies to Undead as well.

Note: Similar to Warlocks, the ideas here were to give Hunters a push on bosses and trash. Arcane Shot doesn't scale with gear, so the new mechanic on Improve Arcane Shot is meant to make it relevant in another way. The Barrage change should let them help a bit on trash without it being a boost in unintended (i.e., single target) scenarios.


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