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Classic+ Raid Concept – Eldre’Thalas

I dont know about all of you, but I always thought the Dire Maul city was super cool and way underutilized, and I always hoped they'd do something to revive it and give it a faction like the Shattered Sun Offensive.

In that spirit I came up with an idea for how to experience the secret jungle city relic-vault of the highborne: an Eldre'Thalas Raid.

This would be a Caverns of Time style raid, taking you into the past to defend what is now known as Dire Maul during the invasion of the Burning legion. It should be a Raid encounter so you can go through all of the wings, and the city, in all of their former glory. Or it could be a giant BRD-like dungeon, but I favor a raid encounter.

A few ideas:

You zone-in in the main courtyard, where there are a bunch of Eldre'thalas quest givers, vendors, and friendly NPCs

First Boss Fight is a Reverse AQ20 Gauntlet – the Eldre’thalas are forces lined up at the entrance of DM facing down a Feralas FILLED with demons, kind of like zoning into the Dark Portal. They make desperate sorties to try and repel the waves of demonic invaders, after each wave, however, a line of troops is lost and the raid has to retreat a little bit down that super long hallway, all the way until you are about to be taken out. At the last minute Goldrinn – the Wolf-like Ancient (like Cenarius) appears and helps you beat them back.

Goldrinn fights with you and gives you a raid wide buff. The encounter "ends" when Goldrinn holds off when demons breach the city elsewhere. Goldrinn holds off the forces by himself and, and instructs you to go deal with the bands of demons that infiltrated the city.

Second Encounter: Clear the courtyard first, friendly NPCs are gone until you beat this boss.

Various Encounters – Tour Ancient DM and fight bosses

Arena Encounter – Argent Tournament/Ring of Law Style Fight; where you participate in the Schism between the Highborne and Night Elves as a band of elves inexplicably attacks Prince Tortheldrin. You must save him!

Final Encounter: Binding of Immolthar/Fall of the Highborne – After successfully defeating most of the raid bosses, you learn that the Highborne have a secret vault of really powerful arcane objects housed in what is now Immolthar’s prison which is what drew the Burning Legion there to being with. Their general is now there trying to steal the power artifacts. Goldrinn in there trying to fight him. Your job is to stop him.

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Mechanics –

You basically cannot tank this boss until much later, when yet to be released tier gear is released (and even then maybe not). You need Goldrinn to do it, but, even he cant take the damage, and your healers can’t heal him fast enough without going OOM (despite the mechanics). He is also gravely wounded from his ongoing simultaneous fight to defeat the burning legion so starts at 70% health.

General continually spawns waves of demons, including several immolthars, your jobs is to tank the demons off Goldrinn & friendly adds so they can hopefully live long enough. There will be several demon types with lots of difficult mechanics, including of course, swarms of Zubat-like imps.

3 Pillars of Power – 2 of the pillars are in place of the current pillars of biding, the third is north creating a triangle; Each pillar is attuned to a different types of elemental magic: Nature, Fire, and Ice, but attuned through some kind of perverse Arcane suppression (Arcane magic bending the other elements to its will, rather than mastery of those elements). Each Pillar has a team of Highborne Mages siphoning energy from the pillars to summon void-walker looking nature-magic-infused elementals to help you fight the waves of demons and the general.

For every elemental that gets to the boss it explodes giving him a stacking debuff weakening him to that school of magic (for fairness to melee, we’ll say Goldrinn applies a similar stacking bleed that weakens him to physical attacks). When all three debuffs are applied all magical school damage is increased by 15%. But every-time an elemental is summoned, the pillar loses health. Healers, on top of healing Goldrinn and the raid, need to heal the pillars.

In addition, so long as each pillar remains above 50% health they will provide a raid-wide buff, they will also provide a special ability to Goldrinn significantly increasing his ability to

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– Fire – Burning AoE damage aura to all demons in the room.

o Goldrinn Buff: 50% Damage increase and Fire Cleave

– Nature – AoE Heal to all in the room

o Goldrinn: Heals him each second for all damage sustained within the last second

§—- This will allow healers to finally heal Goldrinn to full health rather than fight a losing battle. Getting him as high as possible is key to buy you enough down/dps time, especially for last phase.

– Ice/Water – AoE Mana Regen, Rage/Energy Trickle

o Goldrinn’s focus regeneration rate is increased

After the boss reaches a certain number of total debuff stacks (not including player debuffs, but on hard mode it does), he realizes hes in trouble and does a raid-wide AoE which kills all elementals and demons, deals massive damage to the raids, and knocks out 75% of the pillar’s total health as well as all of its Mana, and kills the principal highborne mage at each pillar. This deactivates the pillars – no elementals, no buffs.

o Pillars can be activated, but with one less mage, pillars generate elementals slower (trade off is easier to keep healed) (but demons are at the same rate) and regenerate to full power slower. Each pillar has a set number of mages. In order to reactivate you need to use one of three powerful artifacts – a Bell, Wheel, and Candle – to imbue the crystal with the appropriate nature element (HINT HINT WARLOCKS).

Reactivation is measured by mana bar progress

At 15% the boss does his AoE and permanently shatters the crystals – permanently obliterating the northern one. From here it’s a DPS race, but any surviving Magi, including Prince T, help DPS.

At the end of the fight, an Immolthar spawn is left alive and captured, ostensibly for studying to defeat the burning legion in the future (but we know better), the relics that power the pillars go missing as the remaining demons retreat, and so the highborne are empowering them with pure arcane magic, now, to house the relatively lesser demon Immolthar, and Eldre’thalas is saved!

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One of the demon waves will be dreadsteeds (perhaps ridden by felgaurds), and warlocks would be able to ride the dreadsteeds if they enslave them, and cast while moving. Perhaps anyone can ride an enslaved dreadsteed, to be fair. This is a value-add for the raid given the sheer size of the encounter room. The need to speed off to the next fight will add an element of tension.

Harder modes can be toggeled by never activating a specific pillar, and augmented loot tables based on the number and types of pillars activated (in theory you would activate 3 nature pillars, and no fire/water)

Tribute Run – let Goldrinn die/never summon him in the first encounter, losing the raid-wide aura buff for all encounters (some highborne will (failinginly) tank final boss, at the expense of some summoners, slowing down friendly spawns and pillar up-time).

EACH BOSS will drop improved loot, as each boss is impressed and "pays tribute" to you by fighting you with their full strength/extra abilities, which, when you defeat them by yourself, without the power of an ancient, earns you more powerful loot. And, an extra chest is left behind by the fleeing demons in the final boss encounter, as they are in awe of your power and forget to take the powerful artifacts they have already stolen and Prince T pays you tribute by allowing you to keep them (and also maybe to buy your silence!)


Any ideas for other encounters?


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