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Classic range weaving Hunter – The little melee that Could.


Buckle up my fine friends, because I am about to take you on a wondrous tour of on what is perhaps, the rarest class specialization in all of WoW classic. The power, the grandeur, the flair, and esteem, of the melee, chad powered Hunter. If you want evidence that it works, here's an example of gear+parse with this insane setup:

Pro's and Cons


Pro's and Cons

  1. Unique and engaging gameplay: you must weave in multishots and autos between your wing clip and raptor strike skillful rotation.
  2. Takes more weapons from melee.
  3. Lets you assert complete dominance in PVP when a melee class dies to your raptors.


  1. Very few casual guilds will take you as they will be afraid/jealous of your chad aura.

    Rotation and Trinkets

The most important thing when selecting trinket is to get one that warriors/rogues want for their characters. As for rotation, you need to spam raptor strike and wing clip on CD, and weave in a multishot or ranged attack when possible.


Once again the most important thing here is to go into the fight club and rogue discords and look at their BiS lists. If it doesn't have plate/rogue/warrior on it, that shit is top of your prio list. Items such as edgemasters allow you to take any weapon type you want depending on your chosen faction. Sword prio for alliance and axe prio for Horde.

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