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Classic ruined retail for me.

Content of the article: "Classic ruined retail for me."

Anyone else feel less hyped for shadowlands since classic release? I've always felt hyped at xpac launches but I went back to retail to level a shammy recently and it blows my mind how miles apart they are. It really has put a different perspective on retail.

The differences I noticed immediately that dissapointed:

Trade chat: Classic – people selling their hard earned wares for a bit of gold Retail – endless steams of people selling heroic raiding or m+ going too fast to see

Leveling: Classic – long thought out decisions due to how long it takes and a journey that feels rewarding when you hit 60 Retail – leveling anything just to do something, spam lfg until 120

Community: Classic – sometimes toxic but pretty united in most things. Quite a lot of bants to be had Retail – "why are you talking to me? Let's do this whole instance silent"

Farming: Classic – necessary and rewarding. Gold made is relevant to the time spent doing it and exciting if you get a black lotus Retail – completely unnecessary and pointless with very little gold gain.

Gold gain and economy: Classic – hard to come by and relevant. Makes you think twice before spending it Retail – has got to extreme levels that make no sense and if you spend it, just buy a token!

Gearing up: Classic – can go weeks without a single upgrade due to low drop amounts and competition Retail – gear up completely within a couple of weeks.

I mean classic has its flaws for sure, one thing for me is world buffs. Can't stand getting them, trying to keep them and losing them to some sad act but it's one flaw of few.

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Retail has its nice points like I do like a rotation that consists of more than one button but going back to retail just feels like an arcade game in comparison.

So less rewarding compared to classic where your actions can have great improvements on your char.

One major thing I would love to see and would make me fall in love with retail again is if they did a server that was fresh, completely new but you can't purchase tokens on it. Make farming relevant again, make an economy, I think that would be great. Its practically pointless to level profs now.

Sorry for the long post I was bored and thought I would write down some of my thoughts.


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