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Classic seasonal servers when TBC comes out?

Content of the article: "Classic seasonal servers when TBC comes out?"

Hey everyone, this isn’t a new idea but I wanted to share some of my thoughts on why seasonal classic servers are something the community should be vying for to ensure the long term health of Classic WoW.

Right now, the big discussion was TBC or Classic+, and it’s looking more and more like TBC Classic is becoming the reality for a variety of reasons. I think this is fantastic and will absolutely be joining in myself to make a blood elf pally. However, this also means that the likely route of optional transfers to TBC will almost certainly deem Vanilla Classic as we know it to die relatively quickly (within 6-8 months post TBC is my guess).

Now, this is where Classic Seasonal servers would come into play. There is some evidence to suggest why this would work as well from the years and years of private servers. Vanilla private servers have always been the most popular form, and because of this have also been flagged often by Blizzard and eventually forced to close due to threat of legal action. Completely reasonable. However, these servers would go live and often die within a year or two, and maintained popularity all the way until classic was released, hence why guilds like <APES> steam roll everything they touch.

Now I’m not sure about you guys, but the feeling of a fresh server is the most fun part of the whole game. That first week when everyone is competing against each other levelling, for resources etc. The “Honeymoon Phase” of an MMO, is amazing. Not to mention at least the few weeks/months following.

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Ideally the Classic seasons would work very similar to Diablo seasons and would also offer rewards for the “completion” of the season as maybe a weapon effect or pet in Retail. This is also where Classic+ could eventually come into play as well. After a few seasons, Blizzard can analyze data and look at areas of the game they and the community would like to improve, maybe even in a polling system similar to OSRS where needed QoL fixes can happen, like BG faction imbalance etc.

Let me know what you think, personally I could play WoW in a seasonal format like this until I die. But maybe that’s just me.


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