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First time poster and wow noob here. So, wow always interested me as a kid but I was too young to play it when it was in its prime and I also didn’t have a computer until I was too old to care anymore. I looked into a few times over the years but it always kinda just intimidated me. Well, when classic was announced and furthermore, came out, I was interested. I watched a few streamers and videos on the game and decided to jump in. Easy enough to say I was hooked. I grinded my night elf hunter to no end and enjoyed every second of it. I also had a friend who I got introduced to by an IRL friend. He was my guru, my roshi, my guide. He taught me so much about classic and helped me to fall in love with the lore, the dungeons and all the quests!

Okay, you’re wondering where this is going. Well, after a few months of playing and right before BGs dropped I got bored and other games had come out that I was playing so I canceled my subscription. So I got an itch again but it kept leaving me toward retail because of all the races, events, expansions etc. well I had another IRL friend who grinds retail tell me to give it a shot with him and wow… WOW (no pun intended) I am hooked. I’ve been off work because of covid and have been logging 7+ hours a day into the game while my gf is working. I can’t get enough, I love it, the lore the loot all of it.

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Well my friend from classic wants me to come back and is not a fan of retail, here are some reasons:

Lack of community on retail Dungeon finder makes leveling super easy PVE encounters are too forgiving Heirloom items make loot pointless until you’re Max and doing raids

Valid points. I will say classics community was like no other. Having to go to a city and write in general to find a dungeon made it more personal and committed. But it also took a lot of time away from other things like questing or profession grinding. Now I’m not gonna go into the pros and cons of everything because quite frankly i loved them both. So, I guess I wrote all of that just to ask, what do you prefer and why? I’m not sure if this post will get any traction but I’m excited to at least get a few replies. Thanks for taking the time! wownoob


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