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Classic wow Nvidia Reshade settings

Hello, classic wow Fans.

I decided to post the Nvidia Freestyle settings that I use. I use 2 separate profiles. Both improve the clarity of the game significantly (it's a little difficult to see in screenshots). But one is more bloomy and warmer (Durotar) while the other is darker and colder (Undercity) which great for Undead players.

I find that this improves the feel of the game for me. I use these in my daily play so they are somewhat 'minimalistic'. No crazy effects. I'm using these on a VA panel monitor so your results might vary depending on your monitor's calibration and panel capabilities. Feel free to modify and change the settings until you find something you like!

If you don't know what Nvidia Freestyle is; – Nvidia Freestyle is an alternative to using third-party Shader mods. Games like Elder Scrolls and PUBG have had shader mods available for a while. The most popular were Reshade and ENB.

To install Nvidia Reshade, you have to install GeForce experience and download the latest drivers.Go to Settings -> General -> Check "Enable Experimental Features"In-game press Alt + F3 to pull up the Reshade menu.Add the following filters:

Durotar Preset:


Tint Color: 0%

Tint Intensity: 0%

Temperature: 14

Vibrance: 15

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Sharpen: 57%

Clarity: -20%

HDR Toning: 5%

Bloom: 26%



Undercity Preset:


Exposure: 15%

Contrast: 10%

Highlights: 20%

Shadows: 10%

Gama: 0%


Tint Color: 69%

Tint Intensity: 13%

Temperature: -34

Vibrance: 16


Sharpen: 26%

Clarity: 36%

HDR Toning: -48%

Bloom: 0%



Of course, you can modify these until you are content with the results. Just a word of warning though, Improving the clarity too much will make the low rez textures pop out more. These textures are 16 years old.

Edit: Fixed Typo's


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