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Conclusion of my previous post

Content of the article: "Conclusion of my previous post"

A few days ago, I posted (I broke out, so to speak) about my current feelings regarding private servers. I received a lot of constructive comments and not long after that, they were approached by several people in the form of messages (some recommended a specific discord – thank you very much again), the moods in me calmed down a bit, and after long thinking and nights of conversations, I concluded that:

  • I help with free and paid salaries on a couple of currently running servers that I feel are worth it,
  • besides, I start making acquaintances, making friends from whom I can make a team and we start working on some little things, a server, a project on a hobby level, and then we will see where it leads.

After reading the sub and after conversations, I feel like this is a legion server, the best decision (there are countless WotLK servers to choose), and Freakz's step to move forward to BfA, maybe that would be the biggest interest. For it, It won’t be enough for a couple of weeks or months but a good starting point. To the best of my knowledge, there are several upcoming servers on the market for this expansion, and sometimes Tauri will be in line. This will at least give players a choice according to alternatives.

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Based on recommendations, Github already has an Open-Source core where I can start working on, and then after many, many hours of work and sweat, it can turn in maybe something.

There is neither a project name nor a discord yet, but if anyone would like more information about this, feel free to add me as a friend (wr4i7h#3301), I will be happy to confirm the adds, and if there is more information (e.g. a specific discord server) I will share it with them.

It's too early to talk about goals or ideas of this thing, so please don't ask this kind of questions, firstly this need to be playable. The rest will come after it.

Thank you for your time!


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