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Currency loot model should be game wide.

Content of the article: "Currency loot model should be game wide."

The PvP loot model is great this expansion IMO. It should be carried over to the game at large.

I also believe there should be two universal currencies that are the equivalent to honor and conquest. You earn “honor” in random battlegrounds, world content, and all dungeons. You earn “conquest” in rated pvp, raids, and m+. Having the lower level currency continue to drop from the “rated” content like arenas do now I think would be best.

The conquest would have a weekly cap just like now, but would be earnable playing whatever content you prefer. A set of vendors would exist with pve and pvp gear, including some trinkets. But would not be every item in the game.

Loot would drop like we see now, but the currency gives you that ability to target weak or unlucky item slots as guaranteed progression for your time spent even if you get no loot.

The final part of this would be continuing to allow upgrades based on your rating, m+ completed, and some amount of boss kills at a given raid difficulty.

The upgrade system would be more of a long term goal to promote farming. Using CN as an example I think you should be able to upgrade all loot to 233 over time. But this would be like a 2400 rating, 20 mythic kills, and like +20 keystone or something. And that wound trickle down to other milestones as well, but whatever level you are at you would be able to upgrade that item two times. Capping out at the end boss loot level of the current raid tier, and those items would just drop maxed out from those bosses.

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The game needs to reward your time spent, and the currency based pvp loot model I think does that wonderfully alongside the upgrade system based on your skillful completion in the game. I believe this might also have an ancillary bonus of encouraging people to finish whatever content they engage with. You will be more inclined to finish that dungeon that maybe isn’t going super smoothly because you need the currency anyway.


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