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Current Sapphiron behavior on PTR is wrong.

Content of the article: "Current Sapphiron behavior on PTR is wrong."

Blizzard just opened Sapph on PTR and pretty quickly its noticeable the behavior of Frost Aura is wrong or at least not as it was in 1.12.

Currently the Frost Aura ticks every second which isn't the expectation. Quick overview of how the Frost Aura works internally:

There are 2 spell effects at work, an internal trigger that applies Frost Aura to the entire raid every 2 seconds ( and the actual Frost Aura debuff (
Technically speaking Frost Aura ticks every second but due to the frequent reapplication (every 2 seconds) it clips itself (imagine a warlock spamming drain life every global, it wont actually tick every second since it wont reach the second tick before the aura gets reapplied). To show that this is the case is pretty easy: This video from original 40man Naxx has a nice timestamped combatlog (


Frost Aura ticking every 2 seconds

As is pretty clearly visable Frost Aura ticks every 2 seconds, at 10:18, 10:20, 10:22. This is consistent throughout the Encounter.

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The same video also proves that Frost Aura does indeed clip itself with the reapplication which is why in practice it only ticks every 2 seconds.

Frost Aura ticks accelerating after a resist

Here the Frost Aura ticks every 2 seconds until the a reapplication is resisted at 10:49 which is immediately followed by an unexpected damage tick.

Basically the rhythm of Frost Aura seems to be:
0 application
1 tick
2 application (tick if application is resisted)
3 tick
4 application (tick if application is resisted)
5 tick
The behavior currently experienced on PTR however is:
0 application
1 tick
2 tick and application
3 tick
4 tick and application
5 tick
Based on what we expect its supposed to be an "or" while currently on PTR it's an "and".
The prove isn't perfect since its anecdotally based on videos but this concept explains both, the observed behavior in 1.12 kill videos and also Wowhead saying it should tick every second.

Don't get me wrong, it's far from unkillable, the behavior just seems to be wrong.

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