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Current Shaman Meta is Alliance Propaganda!


Hello! My shaman’s name is Draikogu, from the Skeram server. I wanted to share my experiences trying something that I know few shaman are doing, as it is my belief that this strategy will maximize your raid contribution. tldr; 0/30/21 (enhance/resto) is the best spec for going fast.

Flex Slots and You

The core argument is simple: You do not need to heal for the entire duration of the raid, especially in BWL. As an example, here is my guilds latest Ebonroc during DMF

Not only is our healing low, the percentiles remain high despite such low HPS, indicating that most guilds simply have an excess of healing on this fight. That, however, does not mean these healer slots are obsolete, as extra healers are needed on trash. As such, the healing needed is uneven throughout the raid.

If we have an excess of healing in specific segments of the raid, Healers can start to contribute DPS. Quite a few healers do start throwing in shocks and Lightning Bolts where prudent, but pushing further requires a shift in focus from maximizing healing to maximizing damage. The basic choices are 30/0/21 (ele/resto) or 0/30/21 (enh/resto). Both cause a minimal loss in healing effectiveness, especially considering that Purification does not scale with gear.

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The problem with Elemental

Why not ele/resto? It depends on what your guild expects, but mine places extreme value on twisting due to aggro limitations. Your DPS output while twisting as Elemental is better than full Resto, but is not a marked improvement.Here is one of my admittedly gear limited attempts: Even on trash elemental still has some issues, Chain Lightning being at most 3 targets and on a 6 second CD has minimal impact. Other tools such as Fire Nova totem have high potential but will still be strong with enhancement due to its poor scaling with spellpower. Also remember that grenades have a big impact which of course is the same with both specs.

The Chad Enhance

So how much DPS can you expect with a hybrid enh/resto build? Probably more than most current Enhance shamans out there. In my two weeks of trying this I have gotten two top 50 parses.


The key here is actually the infamous Manual Crowd Pummeler . MCP is actually forever BiS for this spec, regardless of race. Its average DPS exceeds that of even Might of Menethil, EVEN WITH stormstrike. The real benefit & downfall of MCP is its extreme consistency due to the low base speed, so if you are trying for that absolute #1 parse maybe a normal 2her is still for you since your chances of getting lucky are better, but overall it will be worse for your raid as you will have an equal chance to be very unlucky.

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Spec/Gear should be obvious what is flexible here.

For your DPS set you can actually follow most BiS lists, but bear in mind the inaccuracies and incongruities present. This specific Healer/DPS hybrid role has not been fully explored, and as such the relative value of Intellect and Spellpower are unknown.


Special shout outs to the Enhancement group in the Shaman discord, Especially Hitbutton and HUAAAANG. Also shout outs to my fellow guild mates Suyer, and Crustybread.


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