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DFT Fight Club – Classic/TBC simplified loot system based off ONSLAUGHT’s Loot System

Content of the article: "DFT Fight Club – Classic/TBC simplified loot system based off ONSLAUGHT’s Loot System"

First thing before I get into the explanation I would like to say nothing that I have made or attempted to better is all from the spreadsheets and information provided by Cleavis of ONSLAUGHT (US-Skeram) and the guild leadership of Trivial (US-Arugal). Huge shout out to you guys for giving me everything that you did and I hope you see this!

So one of the biggest problems that happens throughout WoW's history is the ever impending loot drama that can be the death of guilds. This was one of the problems that caused my guild to splinter at the start of BWL. By looking around I discovered the ONSLAUGHT loot system. Now my guild wanted a simple version of it and I created what you will see below. I have both a Classic and TBC currently for people to use.


Every raider submits a list of the loot that they want, ranking each item from most desired to least desired. This loot list is then submitted to the officer team and the everything is aggregated into a master spreadsheet. From here it will compile all of the loot information and list out the names of people who wanted a certain item. The value of items can be automatically adjusted based on a guild's preference. Factors include attendance, raid signups, guild rank, and also things like bad luck protection for seeing an item but not receiving said item. The master list has a view page that is public to all those within the guild. The person who has the highest value listed for an item will receive the item if it drops. In the case of a tie people can choose to pass or else the item will be rolled for by those who are tied.

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< Why Use It >

What this system allows a guild to do is help ensure that knows ahead of time who will receive each item next and also it allows for each player to prioritize the items to their individual values. From my perspective it dramatically cuts down on drama involving loot because everyone can see who is up next and they know when it is their turn for the item. Below you can see some videos explaining how the system works and how you can set it up for your guild in the near future.


This is still very much a WIP and based upon the feedback I hear from you all I will continue to improve this all the way into TBC.

Loot Submission forms for raiders. These will be individually filled out by raiders and then submitted to the officers.

From there your personal list is copied into the master spreadsheet and you will show up in the list of who wants an item.

You can keep track of attendance through raw data being dumped into these cells.

They greatest thing I added was this page for tracking loot. It will automatically remove someone from the list through here and it makes it easy to track what loot has dropped and who got it.

Last thing is the public sheet will contain all of those pages for every raid as well as attendance and loot drops.

This is still very much a WIP and both systems are identical for classic and the upcoming TBC. If you have any questions just ask me or if you have suggestions let me know and I'll try to make this better for the Classic community.

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EDIT: Adding the setup page to allow those to see you can control the weight of everything that's added onto the base value.


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