World of Warcraft (WoW)

Did a no-world buff BWL, completely changed everything and made me love the game more

My semi-hardcore guild has been requiring world buffs since launch and last night we did a run with no world buffs, forcing every raider to click them off if they had them. The change was notciable.

Was the run harder? Yes. Razorgore dragon kills was noticably slower.
Was the run more fun? Not really, it is fun to see the big numbers.
Was the run way more relaxed? Absolutely.

No one worried about priests in Kargath, we ran into PvP at the orb and just kind of pushed through, no one scared to engage because "muh buffs". We lost a bunch of people to a mage/sapper push, and just rezed on them with sappers to wipe them right back, casually going to the orb.

We had a wipe on Vael, cleaned up immediately and retried with no downtime because we didn't have an extra few minutes of DPS desperately trying to kill Vael to save their buffs after raidleader called wipe.

We still ended up clearing BWL in 90 minutes, which is perfectly fine by me. Personally, as a tank, I got several compliments on threat, which makes me laugh because I keep trying to explain to people that if you all are too afraid to engage pvp or push hard on boss or do something to save me after use defensive cooldowns and I die losing world buffs just so you keep yours, that's probably the number one cause of my threat issues. (example, had a PvP battle at the orb, all the mages refused to fight or even nova and blink because "muh buffs" and I died, only to then complain that my now non-world-buffed threat wasn't high enough for their world buff damage)

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I also got to actually play my warrior this week instead of logging out for days at a time watching people desperately ask for help in guild for dungeons/attunements/etc but everyone was saving buffs. All in all, if you aren't going for speed clears, embrace the boomerism and try no world buffs.


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