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Discussion Please help me understand why so many people are against AQ40 ID fishing

Content of the article: "Discussion Please help me understand why so many people are against AQ40 ID fishing"

Hi, I hope this thread will be constructive and productive for both sides of the argument to try and understand eachother better.

tl:dr: ID fishing or similar acts seems to be normal for gaming speedruns as a whole, so why do people find it negative for AQ40?

For those who doesn't know. ID fishing means that you scout AQ40 with Mind vision/Eagle eye to see if packs after Twin Emp have many or few Mindslayers and you want to try and reset until you get an ID with as few Mindslayers as possible to speed up the run. Over the last few days there have been a few larger posts and youtube vids about AQ40 id fishing where a lot of people (speedrunners and spectators) shows a big distaste to ID fishing, explaining how they think it belittles or ruins the speedrun scene. My question to these people is…. Why?

  1. For a long time players have fished for Jed ID to get the Reed trinket. And I haven't seen a large outcry of "you should just do a normal UBRS run and if you get the rare mob, good for you! But fishing for a Jed ID is totally wrong!". What I'm trying to say is that many people have been doing id fishing and not thought much about it. So why now?

  2. From my limited experience (gamesdonequick + a few youtube videos), Id fishing and rng manipulation is very common in the speedrun community. I remember watching a Gamesdonequick (twitch charity speedrun event) Pokemon gen 1 speedrun where the crowd cheered and the commentators went wild when the players managed to manipulate good stats for their starter pokemon. And I know that for some games, if you get screw up ID fishing early on, they usually just restart the run and go again. How is this different enough from fishing for a good ID in AQ40 to make one ok and the other not?

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So why is ID fishing seen as something very negative for AQ40 speedruns when, from my expereince (which could be a wrong reflection of whats really going on, please prove me wrong if it is!) the vast majority of the speedrun community praise it or atleast accepts it.

Please help me understand and pinpoint your concern with ID fishing in WoW.


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