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Drum to your own beat

Hello all,

With the constant barrage of min/max, TBC changes, drum spam posts and concerns many have voiced recently I wanted to come in and hopefully reassure some of you out there. Play however you want, with whatever spec, class, profession you want. There are plenty of people out there who share this feeling, and I'm sure you will not only be able to successfully play whatever character you want the way you want, but also be successful in any dungeon, raid, questing, or pvp environment.

Many people forget, or simply weren't there during TBC. Players had, for the most part, no idea what was BIS, let alone mass drum spams. Yet they still cleared all content, with every race/class/spec combo that existed. I was in a casual raiding guild in TBC, we cleared all content relatively easily. Where we world firsts, not at all, but we had fun and still pushed forward to accomplish those end-game raiding kills. My mindset on gear the whole time was; hey this piece looks neat, ima wear/ use it. And I plan on keeping that mindset the whole time as well for TBC round 2. I was a fury warrior in TBC, and I plan on being one all over again. I was a swordsmith who was extremely proud to have a Blazefury I crafted. I plan on making one again, I do not care if the hammer is better, I do not care that I don't have leatherworking or drums, nor will I farm them when ZA comes out, I do not care that I am a Nightelf Warrior. I am going to play the game just the way I want to. Using gear I think is neat/ looks cool/ on a character I think looks neat and cool. That I get those warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia from earning. This us how I'm going to go about this re-expansion. And I guarantee I'll do just fine raiding, dungeoning, or pvp'ing. Will I be #1 on the server, not a chance, and I couldn't be happier that way.

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There are plenty of other like minded people out there. Don't feel discouraged or pressured to play in a way that doesn't make you enjoy the game just because you feel you may not be top dps/heal/tank or viable. If Classic wow has shown us anything its that Boomkins can get hand of Rag, Naxx pugs are common, and any and every spec will be in a raid, and people won't really care. I have done countless raids with everything you can imagine and not once has anyone said, why is a ret pally here, why is a boomkin, or feral, etc… The only thing that happens is the occasional celebratory freak-out when a Drake Fang Talisman drops, players overall do not care what you want to play, and will not grief you for playing what makes you happy. Don't get too caught up on all this Drums/ TBC changes/Min/Max nonsense. You're going to do great with whatever combo you choose to play.

TL:DR Play whatever class/spec/race/profession combo you want. There will always be room for you in every activity and there isn't anything out there you can't achieve by doing so. Enjoy the game, and hope to see you all in it. 🙂

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