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Dungeons and Raids: Lore-wise

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I was rereading the Chronicles the other day and had an idea to make note of what the Chronicles states are the official lore for which factions took care of what dungeons/raids. It started as a pet project with a sticky note, but then my OCD took over and I needed to make it a formal list. So what follows are the official (or circumstantial) mentions of a dungeon or raid and who formally cleared it, according to the Chronicles. Volume 3 ends with Deathwing's defeat and the end of Cataclysm, so any dungeons or raids from Mists onward are obviously not listed. The dungeons are listed in the order they are mentioned in the Chronicles (and I made sure to cite where I found my information).

As an aside, there are many dungeons/raids not mentioned in the Chronicles. I would love other information on them (such as if other media officially states a certain faction was behind clearing the dungeon/raid), as there are plenty of notable examples not listed in the Chronicles (e.g. Stratholme, Scholomance, all the Caverns of Time instances pre-Cata, etc.). I hope y'all enjoy!

Classic Dungeons/Raids (STARTS YEAR 25 A.D.P.) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 114)

-Blackrock Depths: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 118)

-Molten Core: Neutral (Hydraxian Waterlords)1

-Maraudon: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 119)

-Dire Mail: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 120)

-Upper/Lower Blackrock Spire: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 121-122)

-Blackwing Lair: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 122)

-Sunken Temple: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 122)

-Zul'Gurub: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 123)

-Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 127)

-Temple of Ahn'Qiraj: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 127)

-Naxxramas (Military Quarter): Neutral (Argent Dawn) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 130)

-Naxxramas (remainder): Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 131)

The Burning Crusade Dungeons/Raids (STARTS YEAR 26 A.D.P) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 151)

-The Shattered Halls: Horde2

-Hellfire Citadel: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 153)

-Coilfang Reservoir: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 154)

-Tempest Keep: Horde ((Chronicles Volume 3, page 157)

-Black Temple: Neutral (Sha'tar) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 157)

-Zul'Aman: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 158)

-Magister's Terrace: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 159)

-Sunwell Plateau: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 159)

-Onyxia's Lair: None (Varian)3

Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons/Raids (STARTS YEAR 27 A.D.P) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 174)

-Utguarde Pinnacle/Keep: Alliance (?)4

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-Naxxramas: Neutral (joint Alliance/Horde) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 175)

-The Nexus/Eye of Eternity: Neutral (Wyrmrest Accord/Kirin Tor) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 178)

-Halls of Stone: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 182)

-Halls of Lightning: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 182)

-Ulduar: Neutral (Kirin Tor/Explorer's League) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 183)

-Trial of the Champion/Crusader: Neutral (Argent Crusade) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 186)

-Halls of Reflection: Neutral (Sylvanas and Jaina?)5

-Icecrown Citadel: Neutral (Ashen Verdict) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 187)

Cataclysm Dungeons/Raids (STARTS YEAR 28 A.D.P.) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 195)

-The Stonecore: Neutral (Earthen Ring)6

-Halls of Origination: Neutral (Earthen Ring)6

-Throne of the Tides: Neutral (Earthen Ring)6

-The Vortex Pinnacle/Throne of the Four Winds: Neutral (Earthen Ring)6

-Grim Batol: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 208)

-Bastion of Twilight: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 208)

-Zul'Gurub/Zul'Aman: Neutral (via Vol'jin)7

-Blackwing Descent/Sintharia (BoT): Neutral/Unknown8

-Ruby Sanctum: None (Korialstrasz)9

-Firelands: Neutral (Cenarion Circle) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 215)

-End Time: Horde (Chronicles Volume 3, page 218)

-Well of Eternity: Alliance (Chronicles Volume 3, page 219)

-Hour of Twilight: Neutral (Chronicles Volume 3, page 220)

-Dragon Soul: Neutral (Chronicles Volume 3, page 220)

P.S. If you are like me and forgot when the Battle for Mount Hyjal took place, it is in the year 21 A.D.P. I like to get a frame of reference for events. Depending on how long Cataclysm takes place lore-wise, we are looking at the following timeline (again this is depending on Cataclysm and all the future expansions taking the same amount of time as Classic, TBC, and WotLK, namely 1 year ): Classic 25 A.D.P., TBC 26 A.D.P., WotLK 27 A.D.P., Cata 28 A.D.P., Mists 29 A.D.P., WoD 30 A.D.P., Legion 31 A.D.P., BfA 32 A.D.P., and now we are going into year 33 A.D.P. with Shadowlands. This timeline does not seem super accurate to me, but neither does assuming both factions marshal their full forces, land in Northrend, and then defeat the Lich King in one year.

1 The Chronicles does not say which faction took down Ragnaros in the Molten Core. All it states is that Moira Thaurissan successfully spread rumors of the riches of the Firelands and that, combined with wholly separate recruitment from the Hydraxian Waterlords, is what drew adventurers to the Molten Core, which ended with Ragnaros' defeat and banishment (Chronicles Volume 3, page 118).

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2 The Chronicles does not specify that the Shattered Halls were cleared by the Horde, but in the entry about the Horde's conquering of Hellfire Citadel, it does make note that they also defeated Kargath Bladefist (Chronicles Volume 3, page 153).

3 The Chronicles does not specify if Varian took Alliance champions with him to Onyxia's Lair, just that Varian himself (the two halves of himself anyways) were the ones to kill and behead Onyxia (Chronicles Volume 3, page 166).

4 The Chronicles does not state specifically that Utguarde Keep and Pinnacle were cleared at all. It just states that the vyrkul of the Howling Fjord "hurled themselves at the Alliance's defenses until their numbers were spent" (Chronicles Volume 3, page 174); however, I would interpret this to mean that for their numbers to be spent, the Keep and Pinnacle would have needed to be cleared.

5 The Chronicles does not state which faction handled the Halls of Reflection. However, the in-game Adventure Guide's description of the final encounter of the dungeon (Escape from Arthas) mentions two leaders sought to defeat the Lich King in single combat. Because the leader present is dependent on the player's faciton (Jaina for Alliance, Sylvanas for Horde), I would wager the canonical outcome is that both Jaina and Sylvanas were present, as them narrowly escaping doom could explain why neither were present for the Lich King's final fight in Icecrown Citadel (namely, they were still recovering from the Halls of Reflection) (Chronicles Volume 3, page 186).

6 The Chronicles does not name these dungeons/raids specifically. However, it does state that neutral forces united behind the Earthen Ring brought victory to Deepholm, Uldum, Vashj'r, and against Al'Akir in Skywall (Chronicles Volume 3, page 205).

7 The Chronicles does not state that Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman were defeated by a specific faction. Rather, it states Vol'jin cast aside faction differences and recruited champions of the Alliance and Horde to stop the Zandalari presence from rebuilding Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman (Chronicles Volume 3, page 209).

8 The Chronicles does not state which faction took down Nefarian in Blackwing Descent or Sintharia (a.k.a. Sinestra) in the Bastion of Twilight. It just states both met their ends at the hands of the Alliance and Horde. Since the Horde is credited with taking down Cho'gall at the Bastion of Twilight, it stands to reason that the Horde took down Sinestra as well. As such, reading the statement that the Alliance and Horde brought them both down, it can be reasoned then that the Alliance is who brought down Nefarian and cleared Blackwing Descent (Chronicles Volume 3, page 211).

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9 The Chronicles does not mention the Ruby Sanctum officially. Additionally, this raid was added in Wrath of the Lich King to be the filler between expansions. However, the actions of the Sanctums being invaded, as well as the established lore of Korialstrasz sacrificing himself to destroy the corrupted eggs, occurs in the Chronicle during Cataclysm. I would assume this is a similar action to Onyxia's Lair (introduced earlier but not "cleared" lore-wise until later on). Also much like Onyxia's Lair, there is no sign the factions/players were involved lore-wise, as Chronicles just mentions Korialstrasz (Chronicles Volume 3, page 210).


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