World of Warcraft (WoW)

Duskhaven – PTE

Join the Duskhaven discord to stay up to date on server news and interact with other players.

Beta-Specific Information:

  • Accounts created for the beta will transfer to the full-release server when it opens, but all beta characters will be deleted.
  • NPCs will be placed at starting areas to allow you to be instantly leveled up and geared in order to try out the Mythic+ System and Raids
  • Portals to Mythic+ Dungeons and Raids are placed at Stormwind/Orgrimmar areas to get where you want to go quickly ​

About Duskhaven: Duskhaven is a PTE (Starting from Vanilla on 3.3.5) server with additional content. Check out our discord! to get updates on our progress, share your interest, or give feedback! Here is some information about what’s to come. While these are our current plans, we always encourage feedback from the community so that we can create the best experience for everyone.

General Information:

  • x4 XP
  • Realm Type: PvP
  • Professions x2
  • Reputation x5
  • Droprate x2
  • Cross-faction for Dungeons/Raids/AH


  • Additional mechanics and buffed values are in place
  • Spec-specific Tiersets are available
  • Raids are tuned for 15 Players

Custom Features:

  • Mythic+ is available by simply entering the Dungeon you wish to run with your group. Mythic+ is a alternative to Raiding and was implemented to reduce raid-logging. This content will reward Custom Sets, Legendary Coins and Vanity Items. Visit our discord to learn more about this feature.
  • New Legendary Items (materials can be obtained in Raids and Mythic+)
  • New class abilities
  • New quests to help the leveling experience and promote player interaction
  • Specs which were considered "bad" have received a buff and abilities from higher levels to even out the balance
  • Death Knights will be playable after Naxxramas releases with a new DK starting zone
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Quality of Life Improvements

  • Dungeons have their quests available at the start of each dungeon.
  • New Heirloom Items have been added to help you level up. (obtainable via tokens from custom quests)
  • Apprentice Riding can now be acquired at a earlier level. If you wish to do so, you will have to complete a custom dungeon
  • Weapon Skills are automatically maxed out
  • Soul Shards are now stackable up to 200
  • Dungeon Satchel's reward more useful goods (scrolls, buff-food etc)

Official Release: The Server will be launching this Month


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