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Eversong/Ghostlands is infinitely better than Azuremist/Bloodmist

Eversong and Ghostlands (ES/GL) are so much better in every single way than the Draenei areas it isn't even fair.

ES is a little forgettable, but it is cool to see what happens to Blood Elves when they succumb to their addictions. And questing down the dead scar is always fun, but the quests there are pretty forgettable.

GL in particular blows the pants off of Bloodmyst and makes up for a lackluster ES. GL feels like it was set up in a way that is preparing a new player for WoW. There is a rep vendor for the area that has an amazing blue item (only bought once you're Exalted). This sets up the player to know that gaining rep with factions does more for you than just them liking you and giving a discount on items.

The questing is fantastic. From the onset you are told about Dar'Khan, a traitor to the blood elves. His quest line gives a choice of four blue weapons, all are amazing.

The nodes. My god the herb nodes there have got to be overtuned. There were multiple times where there would be four nodes on my minimap at one time. Often times there were more, and many times I said screw it to picking them, which has never happened in my life of playing wow. And I'm the kind of leveler that likes to level my professions while leveling instead of leveling them when I reach max level.

And Bloodthistle. What an awesome buff and flavour item for the Blood Elves. Gives you an increase to spell damage and once it wears off you go through withdrawal. There was so much blood thistle that I had enough to never go through withdrawal well past Ghostlands.

The music and the atmosphere of these zones is incredible. And this is coming from a person that does not like Tirisfal Glades at all.

It is entirely possible that my love for Warcraft 3 HEAVILY influences a lot of my love for this zone, but that does not account for the way better quest rewards/rep rewards and amazing herb nodes and mining nodes.

Bloodmyst has no such reputation vendor or mechanic like GL. The story of Bloodmyst is okay. Not much of it stands out to me honestly. It's essentially the Night Elf story where they need to heal the land. It's Alien induced Azeroth Chernobyl. The final quest for BM gives you a tabard instead of a blue weapon reward.

The nodes are definitely not tuned like ES/GL. They feel right, in the sense, it's how it is in Barrens and similar areas. Definitely not overtuned like ES/GL.

I will say the atmosphere of the zone is pretty sweet though. I like the ominous red sky of BM.

The only thing that really stuck out for me with the Dranei zones was The Kessel Run and that was likely due to it's relation to Star Wars. And because it was fun running around on a mount at a lower level.

If I'm really trying to dig deep and think of some things that stick out, I suppose the tree disguise quest is cool. The furbolg totem quest line is alright, it was a nice touch to have some sweet buffs to travel the map a little faster if they're going to force you to find all these totems anyway.

But honestly, the only thing that matters is the rewards and story. The ES/GL story and rewards are miles better than AM/BM, that even though it is just a leveling zone that will be far in your rear view mirror when your 70, it's an experience that stays. So much so that if I were to make a non-blood elf horde character, I would still make the run to Eversong and Ghostlands to level there.

It was so much better in fact, that it was very bittersweet completing the zone. I found myself kind of sad that now I had to go re-enter the World of Warcrafts vanilla content. It made me want to start a new Blood Elf character to do it all over again. In fact…


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